November 24, 2009

12x12 Filagree Background Page

I love this background page!!! I used Storybook and can't wait to use it on a page.

I decided to make this when I had seen other full page backgrounds at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, & Joannes ranging from $5 to $15 per page and having only certain color choices. My  Gypsy Woman made this cut possible with very little effort. I can't imagine doing this on the Design Studio from scratch. It does take about 20 minutes for the Gypsy to prepare for printing and another 15 to 20 minutes to cut. Make sure your mat is clean and ready for a detailed cut (see my previous post). Remove slowly and carefully so as not to tear.

Download your copy here.  Tell me what do you think of this page? Registered & Protected

Caution - Dirty Mats Will Not Cut Properly

Be sure to use a clean sticky cutting mat. This morning I tried cutting a 12x12 lace looking border cut. My Gypsy took 20 minutes getting ready to do the cut and another 20 to cut. I was busy doing other things and when I cam back this is what I found!!! What a waste of time and good paper.

So I wanted to take a minute and just share what a great friend shared with me... Zig 2 Way Glue with the wide cap. All you need to do is first scrape your mat as clean as you can. Then, scrub it with soap and water till it is clean and not sticky to the touch. After it dries, use the Zig 2 Way Glue just 1 swipe on the entire mat and let it sit over night to completely dry out. It is amazing and cuts great. Hope this tip helps you out... Thanks Jennifer!

This is how great it cuts after this process is done! Registered & Protected

November 23, 2009

Hot Chocolate Folder Card

Here is how you do it:

I was looking for a card that I could give the men at work for Christmas that was just a little more than a card yet not a gift. This is what I came up with and I love it. It is simple to do and looks masculine to boot. I will add the cut file in the next couple of days from my Gypsy. I want to play with the flap a little more before I post as I would like to give the pocket just a little more room. Hot chocolate takes up a lot of space and I want to make sure the pocket doesn't pop open.

After cutting (note I have a couple of different snowflakes available - you choose you're favorite) score the card before folding. You should be able to do about 4 score marks on the card itself - 4 1/4" from right, and 3 more score marks to the left of that about a sharp pencil tip away from each other(I designed the top a little wider) allowing it to close without a gap showing the contents of the card. The flap should be scored and turned up. Use a strong adhesive so the flap will not pop open and shake the contents of the milk chocolate so it fits in the flap better..

You can decorate the card with whatever artwork you want, the main card is from George and Basic Shapes and the lettering is from A Childs Year. The art I chose is from Joys of the Season and the heading from Winter Woodland. Enjoy.

Download your Gypsy File HERE. Registered & Protected

November 20, 2009

Planning & Organizing Key To Increased Production

Too often I go to crops and see people fumbling with what to do. They are trying to choose the photos they want to use. Then they have difficulty choosing just the right paper and embellishments to go with it. Before you know it the time is gone and they have maybe 1 page completed. It is such a shame. All you need is a little organization and you should be able to get 3 to 6 maybe even 10 layouts completed in a single 3 to 5 hour session.

Take a few moments of time just to organize. I use plastic envelopes that I purchased from Creative Memories that even have a front pocket to store small items. I have also seen similar items at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanne’s and most local scrap stores. Use an envelope for each 12x12 or 2 facing pages. Choose your photos place them in the pocket. I then use the Layout Planner sheets from I keep a supply of them printed so that I can do a hard layout while I am not busy but don't have time to scrap (watching TF, Dr. Office, work breaks etc). Now I must admit I use my Gypsy to do my layouts and carry that where ever I go. I still have a copy on hand as I plan my scrapbooks and this keeps me in on track. After I have a layout plan either on paper, Cricut Design Studio or my Gypsy, I choose the paper, place in the envelope. I then choose any coordinating papers I need for my cuts or the embellishments. I also place any other item such as ribbons, buttons, stickers, letters or anything I will use for my page in the envelope.

I then store this till I am ready to cut and put together. I am one of those people that find it difficult to just sit and watch TV, so I use that time to do my sorting of photos, and my designing of pages. It enables me to do what I love while spending time with my husband.

I will continually repeat this process with each page in my scrapbook. When I am ready to get to work all I need to do is get my Cricut and cut and then start putting the pages together.

These page kits are wonderful for when you go to a crop or a swarm. You will find yourself carrying less to the function, enjoying yourself, and getting more done because you took advantage of planning and organizing your pages at an earlier time when it was more convenient for you. Registered & Protected

November 18, 2009

Creating On the Run - Christmas Gift Tags

Too often in our busy lives we think that we just don't have time to get things done. Recently on the Cricut Message Board there was a thread discussing the inability to get their crafting done. Comments made always seem to include not enough time to cut. The Gypsy finally allowed enough time to design but there just wasn't enough time to get the cricut out and put their items together. We all feel that way, don't we?

This is just a little suggestion that I hope will help you use your time wisely. I only have a few hours a week to actually cut out my projects so what I have started doing is putting together little project bags. I cut my projects and place them in plactic bags and carry them with me. Yesterday I put together these gift tags from Very Merry Tags. I just placed the baggies in my purse with a zig glue pen and am all set to go. I finished 18 tags on my lunch hour while visiting with the other ladies. I have done the same thing with my cards. I just cut them and place them in a baggie and complete sometime during the week.

I hope just this one little suggestion helps you create a little more in your busy week. Registered & Protected

November 16, 2009

Work In Progress

This is a link to the album I am currently working on. It is our 2008 Photo Album and as you can tell I am a little behind. Knowing I always scrap a year in the rear, takes the tension off. This album is not complete and I add to it almost everyweek. Be sure to leave a comment. Registered & Protected
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! Your comments continue to inspire me!

Giddy Up Horsey

This is a little LO of my Grandchildren and nephew. I used A Childs Year and the CuttinUp Font. The little horse was a Walmart find that one of the grandbabies wanted me to use. Registered & Protected

Fancy Box

This box is 3.75 square. The lid shown is my fancy lid but I did design a couple of lids. Go to Gypsy Files in November to download all files. Registered & Protected


This smile card is the first projest I cut with my Gypsy! I wasn't sure it was going to work properly so I used scrap paper I had laying around and it turned out great! Down load Gypsy file HERE. Download DS file HERE. Registered & Protected

Downloading/Transfering Gypsy Files Instructions

File Transfer Steps (PC):

1) Turn on your Gypsy
2) Plug it into your PC
3) Launch Gypsy Sync

4) After checking for updates you will see two windows and two button

5) In the folder window, click on the “+” symbol next to the word Gypsy

6) Click on Designs – this will display all the designs that are currently on your Gypsy in the file window on the right

7) To transfer these files to your PC

a. Select a file(s) and click the button at the bottom of the screen that says “Save Selected File(s) to PC”

8) To transfer files to your Gypsy

a. Click the button that says “Upload File(s) to Gypsy”

File Transfer Steps (MAC):

1) Turn on your Gypsy

2) Plug it into your PC

3) Launch Gypsy Sync

4) After checking for updates you will see a file list window

5) To transfer these files to your MAC

a. Select a file(s) and drag them to the desktop

6) To transfer files to your Gypsy

a. Select the file(s) on your MAC and drag them to the file list window

File Transfer notes:

1) When transferring files to and from the Gypsy the names of the files should only contain the following characters A-Z 0-9 . , - _ . You should also avoid file names that are over 64 characters in length.

2) The Gypsy can be on any screen when transferring files but it is recommended that you are on the Welcome screen when transferring files to avoid problems.

Steps for Converting Files:

*.gypsy to *.cut

1) Open the *.gypsy file using a licensed copy of CDS

2) Click File

3) Click Save as

4) Change the file type to *.cut

5) Change the file name

6) Click Save

*.cut to *.gypsy

1) Open the *.cut file using a licensed copy of CDS

2) Click File

3) Click Save as

4) Change the file type to *.gypsy

5) Change the file name

6) Click Save

File Conversion Notes:

1) Any *.cut file that is converted to a *.gypsy file that contains images that have been slanted/skewed will not cut properly on the Gypsy.

2) Any *.gypsy file that has multiple layers that is transferred to a PC and opened in CSD will have all the layers combined into a single layer.


This is my first post and I have to admit I am a little nervous as I have never put together a blog. I love to scrapbook and want to be able to share this craft with others with the same interest. I hope this blog will become an area that we can grow together and I can share some designs with you. Be patient please as I grow. Registered & Protected