September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Thursday everyone! My name is Aymee Gandy, of A Scraphappy Southernbelle, and I am so excited to be here today guest designing for 'She's A Sassylady.' I am a huge fan of the blog and was thrilled when Sheila asked me to create something for the blog. So I decided to come up with a fun birthday card to share with you today. My 27th birthday is this coming Monday, October 4th, and I've really been in a mood to celebrate. You see, due to my husbands hectic work schedule and the fact that we live so far way from our family in Alabama, I usually spend my birthday alone. So this year, I have decided to cook myself a gourmet dinner and have a card to display...even if I did make it! LOL. Here's to hoping that the hubby will be home to join me. :)

Now, I don't know about you but I am huge fan of creating 'easel cards.' They are so easy and simple to make. I just love how different they look from your basic fold card. I know many of you may already know how to make an easel card, but I have received several questions on these. So I decided I would go through the process step by step for those who do not know. I promise after you learn this easy process, you'll be making these left and right.

First, you will want to start with a 12x12 piece of cardstock or patterned paper. I usually choose to go with a solid cardstock base, but that is just personal preference. Cut this piece of 12x12 cardstock in half so that you are left with 2-6x12 pieces. Set one aside, this will become your 'card base.' With the other 6x12, cut that in half so you are left with 2-6x6 squares. One of these squares will be your 'card front.' The other can be used as scrap on this card or for your next scrappy project. Now that you have your 6x12 and 6x6 pieces of cardstock, you will want to take the 6x12 and score it on the 3 and 6 inch mark as shown below.
 Now, let's fold our card base to create our 'easel' mechanism. You will want to fold the base as shown below:
 Now, set this aside for later, and you can start designing your 'card front'...aka the 6x6 square mentioned above. For my card, I decided to keep it simple and use one of my favorite cartridges...Create A Critter. So I pulled out my handy dandy Gypsy, Esmerelda (yes, I named her...LOL), and got to work. I welded 3 cupcake shadows together, but the rest is just basic cuts. I did use the 'hide' feature on several of the pieces though. Next, I compiled the rest of the cupcake features and also the phrase 'Happy Birthday' from the cartridge.
 I cut all of the pieces I needed before I sat down at my desk to work. I layered my cupcake pieces for added dimension. I also ran the tops of my cupcakes through my Cuttlebug using the D'Vine Swirl embossing folder. Now, I knew that I somehow wanted to incorporate a cupcake liner into this card. After all it is a birthday card and that immediately makes me think of cupcakes. So, I want to show you what I have done using a single cupcake liner that can be purchased at any store.
 Take the cupcake liner and cut a slit as shown:
 Next, keep cutting through the bottom of the liner....
 Then you will want to cut all the way around the liner. You are essentially cutting the bottom out of the cupcake liner. When you are finished, you will be left with a strip as seen below.
 Now, choose where you want this 'trim' to be on your card and lay down a single strip of adhesive. As you adhere down the 'trim' of cupcake liner, it will naturally fold and pucker up a tad. This will add lots of yummy dimension to your card, so let it be poofy.
 Now, I don't like to leave the top edge of my 'trim' visible, so I chose to cover up the top with some ball fringe. You could use ribbon, a cardstock strip, tulle, anything really. You will see how I have covered mine up in the picture below.

Next, finish decorating your card front and card base as desired. Then you are ready to adhere the 2 together. I recommend a strong adhesive for this. I have used adhesive runner before, but I really prefer the liquid adhesive. I use Helmar 450 Quick Dry, but any liquid adhesive would do. I love the sturdy hold it gives.
 Turn you piece of 6x12 cardstock 'base' over and apply adhesive as shown below and then adhere your card front onto this flap.
 Now, to keep your easel card propped up, you will want to place something to hold it up. I chose to use rhinestones. You can use buttons, trim, ribbon, anything you choose.
 When you are finished, here is what you easel card could look like. Aren't these fun?!!!
 I also added some Stickles glitter glue to my card. I used it on the cherries and on the sentiment.
 This patterned paper is from Sassafras Lass. I just LOVE these clowns!!
 See that dimension the cupcake liner gives? As a crafter, I really love things like this that make my cards dimensional. I hope you will too.
I hope you have enjoyed this card/tutorials and that you will give these a try today! I promise they really are so fun and easy!

I would like to thank Sheila again for letting me be a guest on her fabulous blog!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and Happy Scrappin'!

September 29, 2010

October Calendar

After I completed your design and chosen my paper it was time to load those pens and place them in blade assemble of my cricut. Now you need to know that I altered the color I was originally planning to use so ink colors were changed to for the design.
First I used a purple for the individual boxes and then switched to a metallic blue for the days and numbers. I still used the silver for the spider web.
After it completed the little boxes my Gypsy Woman told me the cutting was complete. At this point DO NOT UNLOAD THE MAT. ALWAYS RETURN TO DESIGN. I changed my ink color and then hit cut again and repeated till I had all three colors completed.
Last step on the pens was the spider web and I used silver. Oh no it did not show on the orange! So I decided to make it glisten!
First I applied glossy accents and then sprinkled with a mauve looking glitter as I didn't want it silver as it would be too bright. Be sure to lay paper down under the glitter to you can just sprinkle it back in the jar.
It looks cool, doesn't it and it is still wet.
Now all I have to do is choose the papers for all the little extras, put my blade back in and start cutting and putting all the little pieces together.
This is a bunch of Halloween goodies; ribbons, stickers, fibre and chipboard that I could use along with all the Cricut artwork I have to draw from.
After doing my lettering I prepared to cut all my little objects out.
I used Distress Ink on the little skeleton and tried to do the techniques that Elizabeth of 217 Creations taught so well.... but I am just a newbie so I don't do as well as she does. I still loved the way it looked as it made the bones show up more.
See here are some of my supplies, I even have the fantastix coloring tool for those hard to reach places.
I put all the little pieces together first and then added glossy accents and sent them aside to dry.
The pumpkin I wanted to use the orange and the green glitter so I first ran it through the Xron and then used a tweezer and sprinkled the orange first while covering the stem. Then I held on to the pumpkin and sprinkle the green.
After I finished the pumpkin I covered it with glossy accents and set it aside to dry.
I flipped over the page and added two rows of glue with my Pink ATG.
I then took the spider web ribbon and pressed it onto the back adding a pleat every couple of inches. Doesn't it look cool? The I used the ATG and ran glue on top of the ribbon and added a 12x12 sheet to the back to keep the ribbon secure. To add a little more strength I added glue dots to the corner as there was more puckering there.
Then I just added these elements all over the  calendar using pop dots.
This is the table in our foyer that we throw the keys on and where I try to keep a monthly calendar. Justin walked in our house and went nuts when he saw this. He thought it was just too cool and "Grandma must be the BEST Cricut maker out there"! Too Funny!
Here is a few close-ups. Don't you just love the black spider web ribbon? I don't like spooky so this is just perfect for our humble home.
This was really a fun project and I love how the days and dates are on the page but they are understated and makes you want to look closer at the calendar. We only have two birthdays in October my eldest daughter Jennifer on the 24 and my father on the 29 so the calendar is pretty clear.
I sure hope you liked today's little project, I know I had fun with it and more importantly my grandchildren are impressed with it and that's what really matters the most, doesn't it? Here is the October Gypsy File if you would like to make one for your house.
Thank you for your wonderful sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me to keep sharing with you.