About Me

Welcome to my fun little site. My name is Sheila, you may know me as Sassy Lady. I am a Chicago transplant to the Birmingham, Alabama area. I like to say I am southern by the grace of God! My blog was started to share with family and friends my love for scrapbooking and of course special moments with those around me. Being an avid scrapper I also dabble in card making as I love to remember people and their special times with a card. I like to say a little prayer over my creations be it for the person in the page I'm making or the person receiving the card I made. I am married to a wonderful handsome man for 40 years now! Although in my late 50's, it seems like yesterday we started dating. I feel the pages I make preserve our everyday life and will hopefully enrich the lives of our children and grandchildren when someday they look back and see the love we pour into our family. I hope they will look back and know we were faithful to first our God, then each other and our family. My husband Jim and I cherish our times with our family and friends. We hope you enjoy the moments you spend with us. Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by and being a part of our life. We would appreciate it if you left us a comment as we look forward to hearing from you.