January 31, 2013


Hi Everyone.  I'm Charlotte C.  Thank you, Sheila, for again allowing me the honor of being a guest on your wonderful blog today.   I love cards that are interactive, and this is how I created a simple suspension Valentine's Day card with my Gypsy.  Get ready to use your hide/contour feature too.

Cartridges used:  Plantin Schoolbook, Gypsy Wanderings, Art Philosophy, Artiste
Materials I used:
White card stock for the card base
Printed card stock for the card front layer
Chipboard letters I and U from Close to My Heart/Art Philosophy
Glitter card stock to cover the letters and create the suspension heart
Printed card stock for scallop frame
Dental Floss (you can use linen threat, but I don't have any)
Red Line Tacky Tape and ink, glue, bling, lace, ribbon, corner chomper

First create a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" rectangle (Real Dial Size ON; unlinked).  From AP, position the I and U sized at 1 1/2"  with a 2" heart from GW on the rectangle.  Hide the inner part of the heart.  Remove the I and U off the mat for now, weld the heart to the rectangle and cut using printed card stock.  This is your card front layer.  Now weld another 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 rectangle to this rectangle (this time delete the heart because it's the back of the card) and cut with solid card stock. Now you have your card base and front layer and the cutout hearts should line up.  Here's a shot of my mat.
To create the scallop heart frame, from Artiste place the scallop heart sized at 2.20H (Real Dial Size ON) on the mat.  Using the same heart from GW we used above, size it to 1.80H (Real Dial Size ON), hide the inner part of the heart, center it in the scallop heart, weld and cut.  Now you have the frame.

The suspended heart is the same heart from GW sized at 2" (Real Dial Size ON), place two on the mat, hide the outside of each heart, flip one and cut from glitter paper.  Cut the I and U from glitter paper and adhere to the chipboard letters from CTMH.  I inked the edges of everything before assembly.

Assembly:  On the back side of the printed card stock front layer, place a small piece of tacky tape above and below the heart cutout, but close to where it's cut.  Lay the dental floss centered in the opening on the tape.  Put a piece of tacky tape on top of where the floss is attached, but don't take off the protective red yet.
Run a piece of tacky tape down the center and along the edges of both glitter hearts, center and attach them to the dental floss.  Your heart is now suspended. 

Add the scallop frame, the I and U, and any other embellishments before adhering the layer to the base card front.  I used tacky tape to adhere the layer and that's when I removed the protective red so that everything would stick.  I rounded the corners before adding the ribbon and lace.
TIP:  Before placing your card in an envelope, turn the heart a few times so that when your recipient opens the card the heart will "spin."
I know this is long, but I hope it's understandable and that you will enjoy making a suspension card for different occasions.

January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Projects

Hello everyone. I hope this New year is finding you in good health and happiness. It's been great for me so far.

My name is Danita Kinney. I am new designer for She's a Sassy Lady. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing team. I will be posting my designs on the 30th of each month. Please feel free to drop by my blog to see my other creations. http://danitasdesigns.blogspot.com/

For my first post as a Design Team member, I decided to go with a Valentine's day theme. I hope you like it. It's a mini Valentine Cone Wreath with a matching Spin Card. rThey are really easy to make.

Let's start with the card. I used cardstock from the Martha Stewart Key and Heart paper collection.
Cut your cardstock 4.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches high (this will be your card front) and cut your ribbon at 4.75 inches.
The Card
I used my Cameo to cut the card base at 9 inches wide and 5.5 inches high. The hole is 2.5 inches in diameter. At this point you will also want to go ahead an cut out the facing for the card.

Next I cut out 3 hearts at 1.75 inches and folded them in half. Then you will glue each folded half to the other. Before you glue the last one, insert your twine. For this card I used twine cut at 4.5 inches. Using the card as a guide, trace a circle onto the front of the card. I used an Xacto knife to cut out the circle. Don't worry about it being perfect it will be covered up with the facing. Glue the twine down to the backside of the front.

Using my ATG I attached the front to the card base, glued on the facing and embellished with rhinestones. Finish off you card with a sentiment of your choosing. The card will actually lay flat, you may want to crease the hearts with your fingers a little to help it along.

The Mini Cone Wreath

Start out by cutting a 12 x 12 double sided sheet of cardstock into ?? strips. I then cut the strips into 2.5 inch squares. This will give you 16 squares.

Choose which side you want to show on the outsised then form the squares into cone shapes and glue together.
For this size cone, I decided a 2 inch circle would be best suited for the base. I used a punch, but you can use whatever you wish. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect as no one will see it. I drew .50 inch and .25 inch circles in the center to help me line up the cones. I think you should use a glue gun on low heat for this project. It is paper but can get a little weighty. Just start gluing the cones down around the circle. Be sure to line them up evenly.
For the next step I glued a .50 inch square of styrofoam in the middle of the cones to support the hearts that I added. Without the styrofoam, there would be a deep in the middle. You can actually fill this with whatever you like, some people even add more cones to even it out.
On the back side I added a 4.5 x 4.5 inch square and glued on some ribbon for a hanger.

Add the hearts and other embellishments and finished the card to suit your taste.
Thank you for looking.

January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day treat!

Hi folks,

Ian, here, from A Newbie Crafter!  Today, I have a quick an easy treat from Close To My Heart.  I ordered the Whooo's Your Valentine kit, and was able to create this fun little treat tube with holder.  The kit had everything that I needed to make it and I didn't need to use anything (besides a clear acrylix block and ink).  So fun!  Oh, I also had to buy the candy, but there's always enough money in the budget for candy, right?

Here's my project!  It turned out really cute, if I do say so myself.  Haha.  I hope you all like it as well.  If you haven't gotten your kit yet, head to your local Close To My Heart consultant and order it right away!  Supplies are very limited.


Craft on,

January 26, 2013

Join Me In Planning A Card Party And Making Multiple Cards

Isn't this just the cutest little card! I just love it and it is one of the cards I am sharing in our February Card Party. And it was so much fun to create. In this post you will learn how to mass produce the same card as well as how to plan and have a card party. First we will start with the card, then move on to the party. I will also include copies of the exact invitations and correspondence that I used while contacting the gals in my circle of friends. Mind you the card makers are limited but we always seem to get enough people to make for an enjoyable evening. Here is the video of how I designed the card on my Gypsy...

Now wasn't that easy? I just mass produce keeping all of the same color together to make it easier to cut. I ended up cutting out 12 of this little frog card... 8 for the party and 4 just for me.

Look at this little card... Love the details and in the next video I share that in card making it is all in the detail. Look at this little face, I love it yet you will see I ended up choosing a lighter color for the little face as I like it a little more than on this one. Be sure to watch and see how the card is handled next.

As you can see everything is done like an assembly line... cutting to sorting, to stamping and chalking and then finally I bag each card individually for the card party. I just love how cute this little card turned out. I used the Robots and Create a Critter Carts. I used 2 stamp sets, the first from Stamps of Life and the Happy Birthday from Close To My Heart. My papers were from DCWV.

This was such a fun little card to put together, but enough of that let's get to the party so you know how I plan this. First you need to know the party is in my home so I have limited seating. I can squeeze 8 in my dining room and that is what we strive for. So I email out an invitation (click HERE to see) stating that we have limited seats and you must reserve your seat. Once I get an email back I send an acceptance letter (click HERE to see) so they know they will be at the party and they can start planning and designing the card they will be making for the party. Now I can only hold the time open so long before I close the party to any more ladies as each needs to make their little packets and of course they need time to do so. So my next correspondence is the final count letter (click HERE to see) so they no exactly how many card packets they need to prepare. They are also reminded to get their packets to me at least one week before the party to insure that they get their card packets. This is to insure that everyone gets the number of cards back that they prepared for.
Note I always make 3 sets just in case someone does not show and has not provided their packets... remember I guaranteed they will get 7 cards in the final count. The first card is pretty fancy ant the other 2 are a little easier to put together. We do want to get out at a decent hour!!!  I also do a few games at the party and have prizes (click HERE to see my game cheat sheet). These parties are just for having fun and learning from each other and believe me each time I come away with some new shortcut or sometimes even a product that I just have to buy! But the best part is sharing your love for crafting with others of like minds. FUN FUN FUN.

As you can see just like the details we put in our cards, the party success is based on a lot of detail. I set up each seat with a paper mat on the bottom from Stompin' Up that I cover the logo with a Sassy Lady Logo on it! And I always give a catalog from Close To My Heart to every attendee, not to sell but for the wonderful ideas.... wish I could give a Stampin' Up one too but I don't have access to that. Then I usually make a  little treat bag and some type of gift for each person. One time I make book marks. This time I am giving a little embellishment gift bogs filled with misc. goodies.... Just a little something to make my guests feel welcome. This is not necessary but I love the smiles on every ones face when they get a little gift. Don't worry I will take pictures and do a post after this party just so you can see all the cool stuff everyone makes.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's post. It was fun sharing this great card with you and all the planning I do with my card parties.... now I can't wait to share the fun we have with this one. Not don't tell any of my ladies that are going what the games are OK? LOL
This week I challenge you to make a shape card and link it up! We all want to see your wonderful card!
Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement.... Oh by the way one lucky commenter will receive a card packet of this fun little frog card! Just leave a comment by March 1st 4 pm and I will announce the winner on the 2nd! Thank you for your encouraging words.

January 25, 2013

Valentine Wall Hanging

Hello Crafty Friends,
Sherri here from Sherri's Crafty Place, with my monthly post here at She's A Sassy Lady, thank you so much Sheila for letting me share with you today.....
this is a project I did a while ago.....like 2 years ago...but with Valentine's Day coming...and my house about to be packed up....renovations....I thought I would share this project with you...

I used a set of 8 chipboard coasters I picked up at Michaels for .50 cents I think.. I only needed to use 4,  then I covered both sides with cardstock using my ATG.

I inked the edges......
using my BIA, I binded the edges together using 5/8 in binding rings

                  using my Crop-a-Dile I  punched holes in the top coaster and wrapped in wire

       using my Xyron 250 Sticker Maker, I put my letters  in it backwards, so the sticky was on the front
             after I Glittered and put my Letters on the coaster,
                                I used Glossy Accents to seal in the Glitter, and give it a glossy look

Here is the final picture of my wall hanging, I am soooo happy with how it turned out....

Some of the Cricut Carts I used are:
Create A Critter, Indie Art,
Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art
and Paper Pups,
I also used my Bind-It-All, Crop-a-Dile Big Bite,
Xyron 250 Sticker Maker, and an ATG gun.
Red Stickles, Red Glitter, Glossey Accents, and pop dots.
Thank you so much for stopping by today....

January 24, 2013

Valentine Pillow Box Owl

Hello! I am so happy to be posting here and want to say thank you to Shelia for having me:) I'm Leah from Paperblossoms and for my project I wanted to share with you my process for making a sweet pillow box owl. I think this would be the cutest Valentine project or for birthday favors or just a cute just because gift. Let's get started!

I chose Kraft as my base color and used my Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge from CTMH to cut the pillow box. The cut is found on page 28 and I cut mine at 6". My favorite adhesive for boxes and such is Scor Tape as it's no wait time for drying and it holds really, really well.  I scored all my lines and after adhering it together you get......

this :)  Now we are starting to get to the fun part! Now you want to cut all the fun details that will bring your little owl to life.

For the scalloped borders I cut them using the Art Philosophy cart again, page 65 cut at 1" two times. I looked through some different cuts for my eyes and found these in the Artiste cartridge (also CTMH) and realized that if you didn't turn them to be scary, they are sweet, scalloped eyes. The eyes are found on page 77 cut at 1" with the Real Dial Size ON.  The heart,, which is for the owls feet, is also from the Artiste cart, page 66, cut at 1" with the Real Dial Size ON. Finally, for her little beak I just hand cut a small triangle out of the same paper that matched her feet.

I wanted to not have all the elements be flat, so to get some more dimension I just took a round tool, you could use anything...a pencil, pen, etc. and curled the heart, which are the feet, and after trimming all the scallop borders down to the size to fit across the box that will make the feathers, I curled them too.

Once everything was curled I was ready to start assembling all the pieces onto the pillow box. For the feet I glued them to the bottom of one end of the box being sure to leave the scalloped part of the heart hang over to give kind of a perching effect.

Next, I adhered the scallop borders for the feathers. My favorite adhesive for things like this is Scotch Quick Dry Glue. I find mine at Target or Michaels.

Once the eyes and beak are glued on you have a very basic owl. But, she looks a little naked to me ;) So I got to work on all the fun embellishments of some ribbon, flowers, a button and what girl can go without some sparkle?!

This little sweetie is going to my daughter for Valentines day filled with some fun treat. I hope you enjoyed the process of my pillow box owl! I think they would be just as cute if made up for a boy....which I have two of so I'll be working on those next. Thanks for stopping by! hugs.....

January 23, 2013

Sitting Wonderful

Hey Everyone!!
It's Candy here from Candy's Craft Corner!
Hope you are all having a fabulous day!
It's my turn to share today at She's a Sassy Lady and I thought I would use one my new Greeting Farm stamps called Sitting Wonderful.
I colored her up with my copics
Outside sentiment-The Greeting Farm
Inside Sentiment-Scrappy Moms 

Thanks so much  for having me today Sheila! It's always a pleasure.
Take care,

January 22, 2013

CTMH - January Special

In celebration of National Papercrafting Month, we’re offering a new product, available through January — our Whooo’s Your Valentine kit! This darling kit, which retails for $40, can be yours for only $10 when you spend $35 or more in Close To My Heart product. The kit includes 12 die-cut boxes, 3 cardstock sheets, 1 sheet of silver glitter paper, 12 treat tubes, and an exclusive D-size stamp set created specifically for the kit! Perfect for gifts and classroom projects, the Whooo’s Your Valentine kit will make Valentine’s Day a cinch! Please watch the video to see what the product looks like. Then click HERE to get your kit.