February 28, 2015

Easel Cards And Learning How To Move You Mats On The Explore

Good morning, I am having so much fun using my Explore and I used it a lot for these 10 cards. They all had the same style but I used 6x6 sheets of paper and scrap paper to make them. I did a lots of moving on the mats so please watch the video below to see how easy that is.

See how easy that was? just move your pieces on the mat and you can cut to fit the paper you have.
Now all we have to do is put these cards together...

It took a little time to put the cards together as I made 2 cards of each color so it was a little extra time to cut and put together. The little animals were easy all I had to do is weld some hearts on the animals, weld them together, flatten then do a print and cut.

Here is the cute little monkey cards.



Crab and a Koala bear.

The Crab and Seal.

And finally a monkey and a seal.
I hope you liked today's post. I enjoyed sharing with you. Thank you for your sweet words of inspiration. Your comments continue to encourage me.

February 27, 2015

Memorial Tile

Hello Crafty friends!!!!
Its Sherri from Sherri's Crafty Place, I am so happy to be crafting again....I have been MIA from the crafting world...its been a rough 2 years....but I'm here and Thank you so much Sheila for letting me share on your amazing blog!!!!

So this is what I have today, its a Memorial Tile, I lost my dad almost 3 years ago, and miss him so much, Cancer sucks....he was way to young, only 60....and I was daddy's girl,( partly the reason I have been MIA...actual lost my dad and my brother (40)within a year of each other...)
so now I have this beautiful glass block to look at and the Tile went to my Step Sister, who absolutely loves it....
Here  is the finished glass block and Tile, its a 12 x 12 Tile from hardware store, 

 here is the original pic of my Dad
 Using Photo shop i edited the photo, I had to do a little drawing on his beard and hair...but it looks pretty good.....
 I also made a glass block etching for myself...It was actually a boo boo, my first attempt to weed, well it didn't go so well...but I had the negative...so I thought why not etch it....there are no boo boo's in crafting!! 
Here he is all weeded,....
and here I have applied him to the 12 x 12 tile, with the words......I love Make The Cut, it makes tracing pics so easy.....
 Thank you so much for stopping by today....
Happy Crafting 

February 26, 2015

Learn To Write With Your Explore

This is a little treat bag that I made with my Explorer. I printed the welcome and it was so easy I thought I better share so you too could start printing more items on your Cricut Explore.

As you can see it was really fast and easy to put these little toppers together.  Just so you know you don't have to group your project together at the end I just like it saved the way I laid it out so when I come  back I don't have to guess what I was making.

Hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for joining me today and for your sweet-sweet word of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me.

February 25, 2015

My Take On the Anna Griffin Card On Design Studio

Good morning. This is Sheila and I am so excited to share this card with you today. This card was made from Cricut's Design Space and if you would like to make this card look for a lavender card. I did not have the flourishes so I made my own. Nor did I have the tags so I made them on my own and stamped them with a phrase that worked for my purpose.

This is a close up of the front of the card so you can see the papers I chose along with the embossed lace frame from Anna Griffin's line. Don't you just love the embossing?

This card was a lot to put together with the two flowers , but you just have to love the look of the card. I sure hope you enjoyed this video.

Don't you just love this card? It is so bright and cheery that it makes this encouragement card perfect for the receiver.

Another close up of the card enabling you to see the beautiful leaves on this card.

Here is a close up of the inside of the card. The stamps were from CTMH. I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words of encouragement. Your comment continue to inspire me. Have a blessed day.

February 23, 2015

Wedding Wood Signs

Hello - this is Lori from ScrappinMyStressAway with a wedding or anniversary project.  I found these heart shaped wood signs in the dollar section of Target for $3.  They are well made and I wish they had more than 2 left when I found them!! 
I beat them up with a hammer a bit and stained them with a Natural wood stain.  After the second coat of stain dried, I inked the edges and divots to give it a little dimension.
I cut out these two stencils out of Oramask (vinyl stencil) to use as a stencil.  This vinyl does not stick very well to wood, so I had to be very careful and paint slowly (which is very hard for me)! 
I painted two coats and touched up the paint after I removed the stencil. 
I added the twine back on and they are done!!

Thanks for joining us today!!!

February 20, 2015

Snowy Days

Hi Everyone,

Lisa from Lisa's Craft Room here to share my project for this month. WOW, I don't know about where you live but, here in Southern New England we have been getting snow storm after snow storm. It's beautiful but, there is way too much of it now. People have to walk in the streets because there really is no where to put the snow. I am exhausted and my body is sore from shoveling so much. :)

So, that is what inspired my project. I made a card with the Snow Buddies stamp and die set from My Creative Time (Emma). I stamped the image with a new ink (to me) that I wanted to try called Darkest Night, which is a Black Hybrid ink from My Pink Stamper (Robyn), it's great.

I stamped the cute snowman and snowlady images, then cut them out on my cuttlebug. I colored them with markers. My base of my card is 8 1/2" x 5", scored at 4 1/4". I ripped white card stock to imitate snow and used my tape runner to adhere them. I used dimensionals on the snow people. I used a glue stick on the edges of the "snow" and sprinkled Dazzling Diamonds from Stampin' Up. Lastly, I glued those cute plastic snowflakes on that a friend shared with me.

Well, that is my project for you today. Thank you Sheila for another month :) I know Spring is right around the corner :)

February 17, 2015

Sesame Street Snow Day

Hello fellow crafters! My name is Grace Baxter and I am thrilled to be invited to be a part of the Design Team here at She's A Sassy Lady. This is my first submission, and I am looking forward to sharing many more projects as we go along. You can also follow me on my blogs at Grace Notes for Today and It's All About Christmas. My Grace Notes blog features cards and projects for all occasions. And as you might have guessed, It's All About Christmas is exactly THAT. Now, for today's card!

Birthday Winter Fun

The best part of winter for kids is playing in the snow. And the Sesame Street gang know how to make it FUN! This card is for a special little boy who loves the Muppets.

Angled Tri-Shutter Card

Although this card looks large, the size when closed is 4" x 6". What gives it so much extra space is the way the shutter panels are cut, maximizing the front and back panels. Directions for how to make this unusual card are below.
I wanted to keep the design clean and uncluttered, in order to emphasize the characters which are quite detailed. So  my background is crisp white. And oh yes, there are lots of snowflakes inside, too.


Once I decided on the best placement of my completed characters, I temporarily attatched them with removable double-sided tape. Then I stamped snowflakes with Versamark ink in between the characters. 

It was easy to remove the taped pieces before sprinkling the embossing powder over the snowflakes.

And of course, the heat gun did the work of bringing them to life. The picture at left better illustrates the embossing.
The card can be displayed 2 ways -- depending on which way you flip the shutters.
Below, In the left-hand picture, you'll see words showing in the right-hand corners.

In the right-hand picture, only snowflakes are showing. You have the option of flipping the card to whichever way you prefer. I like the hint of what's inside, so I prefer the first picture.

"How-To" Details

The card base is 6" x 12". Exact measurements for cutting the angled tri-shutter are in the following illustration. Angled Tri-Shutter card. My thanks go to Norma at frommycraftroom.blogspot.ca for her template. I added the highlighting to help ensure I wouldn't make a mistake in the cutting.

You can download the image above (right-click and save), or request my PDF version. I'd be happy to email it to you.

You need to carefully measure before cutting the shutters. It is not difficult. I found a sharp blade worked better than a cutter. Just take your time. The results are worth it!

Layout and Design

I sketched out the rough design and hung it on my memo board above my craft table. This was very helpful as I was working on the layout and sizing things.
I've never worked from a sketch before but I have to admit, it made things go more quickly. I'm no artist, but I had an idea of what I wanted. I did end up switching pieces around. What fun!

Cartridges Used

Sesame Street Seasons - all characters
Library Fonts - Happy 6th Birthday and Daniel

I hope you will try making an Angled Tri-Shutter Card. If you do, I'd love to hear about it!
Be sure to drop by my blog and check out my other projects at


February 16, 2015


Hi everyone, it’s Charlotte C.   Thank you, Sheila, for inviting me to share a project with you again.

Many times I want the front of my card to have a personalized greeting to the recipient, mentioning the person’s name or relationship to me (i.e., son, daughter, etc.).  I don’t just want it to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary or whatever.  I used my Explore to write my greeting on the base of the card and then layered it with a framed window I created.  By creating it myself, I was able to control the size of the window, what frame I wanted around it, the text, and the placement of the layer over the base so that the writing shows through.  And I could use foam tape to pop up that windowed layer over the base and writing if I wanted to.  And this is the how I did it.

In Design Space I created two rectangles: (a) one, the size of my card before folding and (b) the size of my top layer where the window will go; making each a different color.  My base here is top folding, 4.25 x 11 (light green); my top layer is 4.25 x 5.5 (peach).  You can make your top layer slightly smaller if you wish.  (If you have the score tool, insert and position the score line on the base, select it and the base by holding down the shift key and click Attach).

I searched for a frame I liked and inserted it on my screen.  (Note:  If it’s not a single layer frame, ungroup it and delete the portion you don’t need.)  I placed the frame on my top (peach) layer and sized it to my satisfaction.  Now that I had the correct size for the frame, I just moved that frame off the peach layer, created my text and sized it to fit inside the frame.  Change the cut lines on the text to “write.”

 Next step is to slide the text away from the frame, just set it aside for the moment, and create a rectangle very slightly smaller than the opening of the frame.  This rectangle is now the template for my window opening.
 I positioned that template on my top (peach) layer where I wanted it to cut the window, selected it and the layer, then clicked Slice.  I removed the rectangle and now had a window in my layer.  I deleted that template rectangle at this point.  I lined up that windowed top layer (peach) on the bottom half of my base and moved my text into that opening.  I then slid the peach layer away, selected the text and card base and clicked Attach.

My screen looked like this.
 When I hit Go to write and cut I got three mats because I used three different colors on screen.  The Explore wrote my text, asked me to replace the pen with the score tool to create the score, then cut the base. The two additional mats cut the window layer and the frame.  Once everything was cut, all I had to do was fold the base, decorate the top layer, and attach everything, like so.  
 Here’s an example of using the same technique with a round frame.

And this card was fun to do with four circle windows, three the same size.
 Of course, you don’t have to create your own text.  You could take text from the image library to insert into your frame, size it and continue (which is where I got "sunshine").  If that text has a layer, be sure to ungroup and delete the extra layer, because you can only attach a single layer to another single layer.  And be sure to change the cut to “write.”

I like the fact that you have options to decide the size and placement of your window, the frame surrounding the window, how easy Explore makes it to write your personalized greeting and all with the push of a button. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this expands your creativity with your Explore.

February 13, 2015

STACKED DIES – WARNING: Wordy & photo heavy.

Hi, everyone, it’s Charlotte C here.  Thank you, Sheila, for having me visit again this month.  Today I am sharing a technique that was recently posted by Jennifer McGuire.  I’m a fan and follower of this talented lady, and even though I didn’t have the dies she used, I decided to give it a whirl with what I had, namely, a set of 6 Classic Scallop Hearts from Spellbinders.  And the stacking of the dies before cutting gives you almost a one-layer card and cuts down on the weight of your card for mailing.  So here goes.
Using the second, fourth and six (largest) die from the set, I arranged them face down on my table and used repositionable tape to tape them together on the back, as you see here, so that now they work as one die. 
After running it through my die cutting machine several times with both patterned and plain card stock, I assembled the hearts like so, alternating the card stock. 
 I used repositionable tape on the back of the cut hearts to keep all the pieces together until I completed the next step.  I cut a heart from craft foam using the fifth size die and glued it on the back of my piece to give it some dimension on the card base when assembled.  Set that aside.

I used just the sixth (largest) die to cut a heart in the center of a 5” square piece of black card stock.  I created my 5 ½” square card base and used repositionable tape to temporarily adhere the black layer to the front of it.  
Now I glued down my main piece (the heart) in the center of the black square, and once that was in place, like a puzzle, I removed the black layer.  And there was a method to my madness – read on.  Card now looks like this.

On vellum, using a stamp or generated by computer, I put my sentiment to go across the front of the card.  I taped the vellum down to the back of the black layer   All I had to do now was run adhesive around the back of the black layer and fit it back on the card base.  These are two examples of how they turned out.

I know this is wordy and photo-heavy, but I don’t do videos and I wanted to be as clear as can be.  And there’s more (can you stand it?).  Did you know that if you print on vellum with an inkjet printer you can use embossing powder on it and get a raised effect?  That’s what I did for cards to my children.  The other card is a stamp that I embossed.   Vellum likes to warp when heated, so make sure your heat gun is turned on getting hot before you hit the vellum with it; cuts down on the warping tremendously.  Also, I used craft foam to pop up the center image, but you can use foam tape, or don’t bother popping it at all.  It’s up to you.

You can do this with any shape die sets and I hope you give it a try with what you have.
Thank you so much for joining us today.