June 30, 2013

4th of July Ideas!!

Hello all, It's Danita from http://danitasdesigns.blogspot.com/

I am posting for Sheila today who is on a much needed vacation.  Enjoy yourself Sheila!!!

I recently participated in a 4th of July blog hop and I would like to share with you my projects from the hop. I had so much fun making these!!! I used Paper Straws, Washi Tape, Corrugated Card Board, digital background papers, My Cameo, My Cricut E2, Vinyl and stamps. you can get all the details here.



June 29, 2013

Perfect Spinning Pinwheels

Hi friends,
Sandy here from Scrapbook Blessings.  This is my first post at She's a Sassy Lady, and I am very excited.  This is the first blog that I followed when I got my Cricut and Gypsy wayyyy back when.  I just love all the tutorials and inspiration, and now I can something with you too!  Talk about coming full circle.  Thanks Shelia for letting me be a part of your team of wonderful crafters!

Since today is my first post AND my birthday (late 30 something, lol),  I wanted to share a fast and easy project that I do with my kiddos and for parties... A very cool SPINNING Pinwheel done for you step by step.

  • Items needed: 12x12- double sided pattern paper, scissors, paper piercer, skewers, button, 2 small plastic beads, and floral/jewelry wire

  • Measure and cute paper into 4 pieces of 6x6

  • Score corner to corner (back side of paper to show score lines better)

  • Crease and fold, making sure all score lines are going the same way (this is what helps with the spinning)

  • Cut on each score line 3/4 of the way

  • Now prep your handle by grabbing the skewer and floral wire, and cutting off about 4", wrapping one end around the stick

  •  Back to the paper, fold a corner point into the middle like below

  • Fold every other corner in to the middle to create the wheel


  • When you have every other point meeting in the middle, used your paper piercer and make a hole in the middle of the pinwheel. Keep it on the piercer to hold in place

  • Going back to the skewer, 1) place one of the pearl beads on the wire for the back

  • 2) next comes the paper 
  • 3) the other bead for the front

  • 4) the button comes on last

  • The hardest part for me is getting the wire through the other whole of the button and tight enough (I have to do this part for the kiddos too, but it can be done!). Then I wrap the wire behind the button to keep it on.

  • Almost done!  Now for the finishing touch, a little tag for the stick.  I used a scallop circle tag (a cut using the Cricut) and tied on with some ribbon.

  • My ribbon secret..... Tie it Upside Down on the skewer!  

  • You will get your tails to point down if you do!

So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on making a Spinning Pinwheel! Perfect for the kiddos at any party!

(FYI: Cricut Craft Room has a special exclusive- 3D Pinwheels!  It is a set of 5 different pinwheels digital cuts that you can use with your machine. You can find them HERE)

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by,

June 28, 2013

Iron On Vinyl-Lawn Chair

Hello Craffty Friends, 
Sherri here from Sherri's Crafty Place
Today I have an Iron-On Vinyl project for you, 
Cricut has recently come out with Iron-On Vinyl, I couldn't wait to 
try it, here is a sneak peak at the finished product.....
A child's Moon chair for my puppy to sit in, yes my puppy
we spend alot of time outdoors, and he keeps stealling everyones chair when they get up, so I found this child's Moon chair and thought this is perfect for him, with a little personalization of coarse...lol
Using MTC I used the LD Red Hatter's Hand Font and some paw prints I traced Remember to mirror your images 
and using Cricut's new Iron On Vinyl in black and Silver glitter
 place the vinyl shiney side down on your mat, note when I cut out the regular black iron on vinyl using the kiss cut setting was ok      3-3-3 cutting once , but when cutting the glittery ones you also do the 3-3-3 but use multi cut 2, it is pretty thick
using your iron heat up the area you are going to apply the vinyl to before adding the vinyl, then place your vinyl ( I did not use my ironing board, because you need to apply alot of pressure to the iron, I used a towel on a good hard wood table)
then placed another thin towel over my images, apply alot of pressure moving iron around and did I say ALOT of pressure, LOL
I would say probably for 3 - 5 mins 
Carefully and slowly lifting the transfer tape (that is already there) while your image is still warm
and voila!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!! 
I love the Iron On Vinyl, so many possibilites!!!! 
 here is the final product, I probably could have gone a little bigger but there are so many bars behind this chair, this was as big as I could do it and still get my iron to lay flat
here is Taz enjoying his chair before I got it done, 
he LOVES his chair, unfortunatly he is not here to try it out all done, as he is at the Vets....... he just turned 6 months so he is, well you know what happens when a puppy turn 6 months......hopefully he will stop stealing everyones chair now that he has his own, 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, 

and please let me know if you have any questions about Iron-On Vinyl, 
Happy Crafting, ❀Sherri❀

June 27, 2013

A Little Tip

Hello! Leah from Paperblossoms here and first I want to say I am SO sorry for being so late with this post!! It totally slipped my mind and I didn't even realize it was Thursday until a bit ago...oh dear :)  I do hope you'll forgive me. I do have a little tip I wanted to share with you today though and I hope it helps someone. I sure have found it to be a great time saver and makes crafting more fun.

The older Close To My Heart stamp sets that coordinate with the Cricut from the Art Philosophy cartridge don't give you the page number of where the cuts are located. Thankfully they have changed that with the Artise stamp sets. So it dawned on me one night while crafting that I should find the cuts in the handbook and write them on the stamp set case so that I don't have to go hunting everytime I want to cut something!  It has saved me so much and time and makes the time I do have to craft more enjoyable.

In case you have these stamp sets and would like a list to label your sets with and not have to hunt for each one here they are for you!

The stamp set that came with the Art Philosophy cartridge that has the cupcake in it. (This set isn't named)
*Heart image pg 69
*Cupcake image pg 70
*Arrow image pg 64
*Triangle Banner image pg 49
*Star image pg 40
*Banner image pg 68
*Gift image pg 60

The stamp set that came with the Art Philosophy cartridge with the tree in it. (This set isn't named)
*Tree image pg 31
*Heart image pg 26
*Frame image pg 26
*Leaf image pg 34
*Flower image pg 39
*Star image pg 45

Hooray Bouquet stamp set
*Pages 29 and 57

Love Life stamp set
*Circle image pg 31
*Start image pg 40

Thanks so much for dropping by today!

June 26, 2013

Origami Father's Day

Hey everyone!
Candy here from Candy's Craft Corner. It`s my turn to share here again at the She`s a Sassy Lady blog. Thanks again Sheila for having me. 
I made this card for my husband for Father`s Day this year. I got the tutorial to make the little origami shirt from Mary at Cardz TV. Here is the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfDwBEAEhTo
Such an easy project and not just for Father`s Day it can be used on any masculine card.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Take care,

June 24, 2013

Window Card Tutorial Using The Gypsy

Don't you just love window cards? They are so different from anything you can buy in the store and you can make them to fit any occasion. Sprinkle a little glitter on it and you can't take your eyes off it. Well today we are going to do a window card from design to finish and you will just love how easy it is to design your own cards. so go get a cup of coffee, turn on your Gypsy and let's get to work.

Now wasn't that easy. I used a card from the Art Philosophy cartridge, making the overall design as easy as can be. Just follow the step by step instructions and you to will have 2 cards designed in just minutes. Be sure to pick your phrase before you start to make it easier to follow along.

So easy to put together too, don't you love it. Be sure to use an adhesive that give you enough time to maneuver your phrases and art into the right position on the card.

This is what our finished card looks like. Isn't it pretty? I used a two sided card stack from K and Company and the glitter paper is from Joann's. I used some old brads I had in my stash  and I love that with 1 and 1/2 sheet of paper I have two beautiful cards.

Here is a closeup of the inside of the card, the little matching flower on the inside of the cards was the perfect touch to bring the inside a little life.

Notice how well the card stands too. It has just the right strength to it with the addition of the flower in the top corner. Be sure to think of that when you are creating. You want your cards sturdy and ready to be passed around!

And of course I make my cards two up so that I can used one and have a spare for future use. This time I am using both of them the same weekend! Guess I should make another set for future use! LOL
This week I challenge you to make a window card. Any kind of window card that your Cricut machine can cut.
Thank you for joining us today. I hope you like today's project. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments inspire me to continue sharing with you.

June 23, 2013

Card Packet Winner

Congratulations! Lindagk23 you are the winner!

All you need to do is hit the contact button and give me your full name and address and I will send you your card packet. Have a wonderful day.

June 22, 2013

WOW - 17 Cards Made At The June Card Party!

We had such a GREAT TIME and  we made cards for hours. We started the evening with a wonderful dinner... Taco Salad and Guacamole, followed by brownies, cookies galore (my favorite chocolate chips), and even a banana pudding! After eating we settled in the dining room and started making cards. Let me introduce the ladies... Allison is sitting on my right and then my daughter Jennifer.

This is Laura on the left and our co-hostesses; Anita and her lovely daughter Abby.

Pictured here is Anita with her niece Amy (MayMay Made It) and her assistant and friend Taylor!

And this is a cute little picture of Amy and Taylor that I just had to share with you! You don't want to know what they were talking about!

This is a great video showing our card party and what we do.... don't let my introduction bore you if you must skip the first 2 minutes but do watch the rest!

This card was designed by Amy but presented by Taylor.... it was her card to share and by the time we did this card Taylor a new card maker was a pro... I have to share this is part of a stamp set that is coming out in July or August by MayMay Made It and it is a must have so be watching Amy's blog for details so you can order your set before it sells out!

This card was designed by Abby and it is gorgeous. Soft beautiful colors and can be used for so many things.

You will recognize this as my little Hedgehog card... she is so cute!

This is one of Anita's cards and the photo below is the inside of it.... Love it!

This is my little snail card an the little beading on it make it just shimmer. Simple card a little hard to make because of the shell but so fun!

This is also a card designed by Anita and it happens to be the card that I won my prize with! Isn't is just too cute?

This is another newbie card. It is made by Allison. She and my daughter Jennifer cut it out in my scrap room while I was in Florida. I am so impressed that this is Allison's first card.

Laura designed this card and it is just beautiful, so delicate, I love it. The inside had a mat that matched the front. Laura had blossomed into a wonderful card maker with a style all her own.

This is a close up of the card Laura designed don't you love it?

This is Jennifer's card and it is so stinking cute I just love it! This is one of those cards that you must see in person as it just shimmers with the shiny paper Jen chose. Beautiful and FUN card!

You have to love the inside of this card. It is a stamp from The Stamps Of Life.

Now this is an adorable card made by Amy of MayMay Made It. It is just like a match book cover and is so cute (sorry I had a hard time on the video trying to open with one hand)! Amy stamped it with her stamps set and it is so cute that I don't want to give it away!

Here is the inside of the card. CUTE!

This is Jennifer's second card and it too just sparkled check the video out and you will see what I mean.

Anita designed this card and the colors make it so elegant I just love it!

Here is a close up of the card, look at that trim... ELEGANT!

This card was designed by Abby and is gorgeous, another one of those that you just have to see the paper to appreciate how pretty this is. Beautiful!

This is a very special card. Miss Anita made this card and hand sewed each of these flowers for each of us. AWESOME CARD! I think I have to keep this!

Here is a close up of her flowers, isn't this just awesome?

This is an Abby card and it is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the bling on it don't you?

This is my spinner card and I just love this card. It is a 5x7 and just sparkles.

Well I sure hope you enjoyed today's post and had a little fun joining us at our card party. My wish for you is that you too organize one with your friends. I know you will have a great time sharing your love for crafting with your friends.

Now be sure to leave a comment as one lucky person will win this cute little card kit to make on your own. All you need to do is leave a comment by 8PM on Sunday June 23rd and I will draw a name and announce it the following morning. Good luck!