April 23, 2015

Thank You

Hello Sassy People!

As many of you know, foiling is very trendy right now! A few years ago, I wanted to learn how to do this technique but the resources were very limited. Fast forward to January of this year, an easier foiling machine was introduced. In my excitement, I researched the price and was disappointed. I told myself I would save up for and hopefully catch the machine on sale. One day I was on Youtube and in my watch feed I saw a video on ways to foil by Jenny M. I watched it and excitement returned! She shared the laminator and laser printer technique and I was intrigued. I had the printer and a YourStory I just needed foil. I went to Hobby Lobby found foil and I was set…so I thought. I tried using the YourStory and it left a lot of black exposed. The results were not horrible, but not like I saw on the video. Then I used my cheap laminator and the results were much better, but not perfect. I think I may need to run the foil through twice. Anywho, here is a simple card I did using this technique. 

I used a file from the Silhouette Store. I brought it on to my virtual mat and filled it with black. I sent it to my laser printer. I cut the rectangle using the Lawn Fawn Stitched die and then ran it through my laminator. 

I layered a piece of foil card stock and that’s it! Not to shabby! One day I hope to get the foiling machine (it does a full 12” page beautifully). Until then, I will work to perfect this method on my laminator! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s project, Kenya~

April 21, 2015

Friendship Card

This A2 card gets my vote for the easiest card I have ever made. I started with an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of patterned cardstock, cut in half width-wise.

Hello Friend, card front


The 'hello friend' sentiment was cut using the Cricut Beyond Birthdays cartridge. I shadowed it in a charcoal gray.

The dragonfly took a little bit of time. This was mostly because I was using a new die and stamp set, and tried to get too fancy with the vellum wings. I do like that they are still transparent, yet with a little bit of veining.


Since my aim was to make this attractive yet quick, I did not over-embellish the inside. I did however, print a custom message inside. This is easy to do in Word as a text box. 

And while I was at it, I printed my own little logo on the flip side to appear on the back near the bottom (another text box).


  • The obvious embellishment is the dragonfly, of course. Cut twice - once from white cs, once from vellum. I trimmed off the wings from the white one and sponged the body with aqua and light green. Then I adhered the body to the vellum layer. A couple of blue rhinestones finish him off.
  • I chose a ribbon that coordinates with the yellow and gray in the sentiment. Before applying ribbon to the yellow bottom strip, I punched the edge with my MS lattice punch.

I hope my friend likes her card. This one was fun to make!
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April 20, 2015


           Hello, everyone, this is Charlotte C.  Thank you, Sheila, for once again letting me join in on your blog.   Today I want to share with you a few ways to create curved text in Design Space with your Explore.  And let me preface all this by saying there are ways to create word art in Illustrator and Publisher and other such programs that can be imported into Design Space, but I’m sticking with only using Design Space and Cricut images. This first part will cut the letters out of your card stock or vinyl in the shape you created (good for stencils).
         Insert a shape you wish the word to follow, like a circle or oval; open the text box and type your word in the text box.
        With the word still surrounded by its box, right click on the word, and left click Ungroup, and now you can move each letter individually.  Oh, but those pesky “handles” make it impossible to see what you’re doing.
        So here’s the TIP:  Create two small circles; position one above and one below the first letter you want to move and group those three together.
         Now you can easily see your letter and can maneuver it where you want because the “handles” are no longer in your way.

When your first letter is in place, ungroup, and move the little circles to the next letter you need to move, then the next, and so on, grouping, moving and ungrouping.  Actually sometimes mine were ungrouping themselves once I clicked off them. 
When your entire word is placed and spaced along your shape to your liking, delete the shape and the two circles you used for placement, highlight your word and click Attach.  When you click Go and your preview mat comes up, you will see that the word will cut out in that shape, and now you’ll use the negative of the cuts to position each letter exactly where you want them on your project.

If you want a single word to cut out rather than individual letters, you will have to weld the letters together to form that word.  As you’re placing your letters around your shape, position them to touch each other.  When you’re satisfied with how it looks, delete the shape, highlight your word and click Weld.  Now your word will cut in the shape you want, like this.

Maybe you want to write on your card stock instead of cutting out the word?  When you’ve first typed your word and it’s inside its box, in the layers tab change cut to write; change to a writing font if you wish.  Now proceed to ungroup and move your letters as above.  It will look like this if you don’t weld the letters. 

You can easily personalize a banner/label by duplicating it and using the duplicate as a guide to placing your word.  I changed the color of the duplicate in this example so I can see the original.  Pretty cool, right?

Thank you for stopping by today.  Enjoy the spring weather we’re finally having, and if you have any questions (I know this post was wordy), please contact me at any time.