February 11, 2016

Valentine's Mugs

Happy Thursday, everyone! Java Jen here from Java Jen Creations to share a few Valentine's mugs I have made! Some I have sold and some I have given to friends and family! Thanks, Sheila, for letting me share here today! I am so hooked on doing vinyl on mugs and the possibilities are really endless! I've made lots more but here are just a few of my favorites!

This set is one of my favorites! 

For anyone who doesn't know what the "TLA" is, it means True Love Always! :-) 

Short and sweet today! Thanks so much for stopping by today! 

Java Jen

February 9, 2016

Valentines for Everyone!

Good morning - Adrienne from Eagle Canyon Arts.  It's always a pleasure to be a part of Sheila's talented Sassy Lady design team.  Thank you, Sheila.

So, mid January, we had what became known as "Snowzilla" or "Snowmageddon" here in our neck of the woods, because anything over 2 inches of snow is considered catastrophic and completely unmanageable.  Church was cancelled all over parts of Tennessee and Kentucky!  The angels sang, I'm certain of it.  In any case, it was quite beautiful here for a couple of days, impassable on local country roads for about 5 days, and a big ole' mess on ALL the roads for about a week.  Great weather for staying indoors and crafting, reading, watching movies, cleaning house (WHAT!?!  NOT!), and eating a pot of homemade soup.

In any case, I got a head start on my Valentines for this year.  Is it just me or does everyone have a craft room that looks like a party exploded all over it when they're working on a project?  Between choosing papers, inks, stamps and designs, I make a mess.  It's a FUN mess, though!

This year I used the remains of last year's CTMH Heartstrings WOTG for Valentine cards, including the stamp set, and these other Close To My Heart supplies:

CTMH Artfully Sent Cartridge (Z3168) (pp. 36 & 37)
Shimmer Tape, Red (Z1848) and Silver (Z1799)
Clear Sparkles (Z1752)
Daisy White Cardstock (1385)
Ruby Cardstock (X5927)
Red Glitter Paper (Z3075)
Dimensional Elements - Hearts (retired)
Stamp - Beloved Bouquet, January SOTM (retired)
Stamp - Coming Up Roses, Jeanette's Archive (retired)
Note - Both stamps were used for the phrase "Happy Valentine's Day" and may be substituted with another of your favorite stamps.

Other supplies included scrap papers for pink and red hearts, the arrow on one of the cards, and small bits of yellow for the flower in "Love Bug".

The Artfully Sent cartridge creates beautiful 5"x7"cards.  Two of them are "pop up" type cards.
This card has a plain front if not embellished using the "pocket card" feature available on the cartridge.
The inside of the card "pop up" opens to the lacy heart.The arrow and small heart in the middle are also part of the cartridge.
A bit of red shimmer tape adds interest to this card.  
When opened, the cutout heart provides a place for your greeting.
This little card was made from "leftovers" of last year's Heartstrings WOTG.  Still pretty cute!
Finally, three versions of a very cute "pop-up" card for the children.  Since the 3D dimensional element hearts are no longer available, cut out hearts of red glitter paper, or other embellishment add interest to this card, which otherwise has a plain front.  On the third card (pictured in back), I used a textured, very pretty paper that made up for lack of embellishment.
Inside, the VW pops up, complete with silver shimmer tape for bumper and details!  The "Love Bug" cuts on the Cricut are done at the same time as the VW in red and white.  I added the yellow in the center of the flower because I liked that better than the white.

Thanks for following along.  May you enjoy a wonderful day with your special Valentine!

Psalm 1:1-6

February 8, 2016

Designing And Then Repairing A Card That You Goof Up - Not The Machine

Good morning! This card is one that we have all come across you spend the time designing it on the computer, finding just the right artwork and words that you want for the perfect sentiment.

You adjust the colors and get all your sizes lined up.  You double check to make sure you like what you see. Design space makes it so easy. Note; when I am using the canvas I always put the inside of the card on the left side  to make it easier to visualize. All is well so I am ready to cut.

The video will show you that my paper is beautiful, the design is perfect, but I had a problem seeding the cut and ripped it in a couple of places. This is a card that I used for our card party and had to have 12 cards! Well I ripped a couple of spots and took all the bad pieces and used that for my display card! You get to see the results and what I did to turn it into a very beautiful card.

Look at all that glitter! One of my fins had a little tear so I used stickles to cover the spot. My phrase 'You Go Girl' was in about 4 pieces, but I kept going and glued it to the base of the lettering. Fortunately I had plenty of liquid glass to glue it together. I then put the liquid glass over the whole word girl and that mad it shine and look like 1 whole piece.

Here is the completed card. Note the 'o' was repaired by using sandpaper (I use a nail block like they have at local nail salons). All the little mistakes are gone and the ladies love the way it looked.

Here is a close up of the word girl, Only 1 spot looks rough and this was in 4 pieces! I love having a full stocked scrap room.

This is the inside of the card. As you can see there was no problem here.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words, I am always encouraged by your comments. Have a blessed day!

February 5, 2016

It Was Mint

Happy February Sassy People!

Anyone who has been following me for a while knows I love to play on words; especially on cards. Sometimes printing out a sentiment is not what I want to do. I just want to stamp it out! I have been so excited since Silhouette gave us a teaser back in the late spring of 2015 of the new Mint Stamp Maker! I had a stamp maker some years ago but I could never get the transparencies to print dark enough to make the clear stamps. I had a lot of wasted emulsion pads...so frustrated! I am still hopeful for custom clear stamps one day, but I tell you, I am so happy with this little machine! Easy to use and no waste...unless it is user error!

I purchased it a few months ago and figured it was time to show case her! The software allows just about any image be turned into a stamp. The kit come with the software, cables, Mint, 2 stamp blocks (15mx30 & 30mx30), stamp sheets to fit the blocks, labels, ink, and case to cover the stamp. Once you have a block, you do not have to purchase another one unless you want. You can change the pad and use accordingly.  I will admit, the replacements are a bit costly, but the sheets come with two stamps…and to be able to make a stamp on the fly and not wait for shipping…it’s worth it to me!

So here is how it works:

Open up Mint Studio-click design

Choose your stamp size

Open up your image. In my case, I used my logo….been wanting a stamp for LONG time!!

Resize the image to fit the stamp size

Add any text or images- can curve or customize the text

*Please note, if your image has different colors (mine has magenta), I suggest changing it to a full black and white image because it will not be on the final product as you will see at the end….
Once you are satisfied with your image, the software will automatically flip the image (not pictured)

Insert the stamp blank in the machine wait about a minute or so take off the access cardboard and plastic. Mount on the block, and ink with desired colors. Let the ink soak for a few moments, stamp off a few times until the image stamps clearly. Stamp as desired…replace cap to preserve the ink/stamp! 

That’s it!! Can you image all of the stamps that can be made?? Valentine's Day is coming up...just saying! I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Remember to stop by and check regularly…new projects are added all the time! Kenya~

February 1, 2016

Fast Bookmarks

These are quick and easy bookmarks that came off my Explore. I love the fact that it can write designs on my project to make it look more attractive. I used a burgandy ribbon to match the  ink and back of the bookmark. These are for the Bible study that is starting at our church on the 12th. The study will be on prayer.

See how easily my Explore does the design.

When it is finished with the design it will cut the book marks.

Here they are all cut out, and ready to stamp.

I used the stamp and ink from Stamps of Life and it was so easy. I just love this particular set.

This set is so easy to work with. I find her ink works the best on her stamps, but you can use any ink.

 Here we are stamped and ready to add the back and ribbon.

I can't believe but I forgot to take the photo of them with the ribbon on.

Thank you for joining us today for this simple project that anyone can do. It just takes a few minutes and you too can bring a little gift to a class or organization that you are affiliated with. Just make the stamp go with what you need.

I hope you enjoyed today's project, i enjoyed spending time with you. Thanks for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments always inspire me. Have a blessed day.

January 29, 2016

Get Well Card

This is a very quick card. I made it from design space and all I did was feed in the number of cuts I wanted and it was a matter of 10 minutes and I had 8 cards cut out. I used 7 sheets of 12x12 paper and the machine even scored the cards for me. It doesn't get easier than that!

See how easy it is to put this card together. My stamp is from the Stamps of Life, and I used her stamps also. I believe the color was artichoke. So simple and it looks so good!

Here is a close up and you can see that I used foam tape behind the flower pod to give this card dimension. The paper had a little gold shimmering fleck in the center of every flower.

Here you can see the cards are all made and I even have 5 of them in the mail already to family members that are battling cancer, had a surgery or even a broken leg. They need the encouragement and a reminder to get well.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for joining me today, and thank you for the encouraging words. Your comments continue to inspire me.