September 19, 2015

Wonderful Birthday Window Card For My 7 Year Old Gavin!

I am so excited to share this wonderful window card with you today. My grandson Gavin turned 7 this week so of course we had to have a special little card for him. The paper is from the boy stack and the images are from Cricut's Design space. The plastic in the center is from a thick page sheet, and it helps give the card that finished look. Now go grab a cup of coffee and join me in making this card.

See how easy that was. I realized that I designed it wrong which made it harder to put together. I should have welded the top of the card, then made a copy/paste and attached the 2 pieces of the card together and welded that for an easier card.

Here are a few close ups and you can see that I flattened the artwork and then did a print and cut as the pieces were just too small to play with.

This is a great photo to show the window in the card and you can see it is a heavy grade of plastic.

This is the back of the card and you can see how well it is lined up in spite of my error

This is what the inside looks like. I didn't stamp anything as I want the space to write a little note as my little Gavin now lives in Rhode Island.

Here is another close up of the card. I had fun with this. I hope you enjoyed today's post.

I am always encouraged by your comments, they inspire me to share more.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Sheila, that card is absolutely adorable, love the cake and the hedgehog. I'm sure Gavin will get a kick out of it and cherish it.

Charlotte C said...

I think one of the first things I learned when I joined your site was how to create a window card and I went nuts making them from there on. Don't know if you remember that a card I made appeared in the Cricut Chirp (I am going back in time) and I gave you credit and suddenly you were being asked about it and who the heck was I anyhow. lol. That's kind of how we met. Love your card for Gavin and I can't agree more that the print then cut feature for all the little critters, etc., makes it super quick and easy to do. I cannot wait to see what you do with the Fuse tool. I have it - the whole kit from HSN - and I've used it maybe twice in scrapbooking.

Krafthead said...

Awww this is adorable!! Nicely done~

BethAnn M said...

Sheila, this card is so cute! I just know that your grandson will be so excited to see it for his birthday.
BethAnn M.