May 16, 2016

Using Patterns In Design Space

Hi, everyone, it’s Charlotte C stopping by with a quick how-to on using the pattern feature in Design Space.  Thank you, Sheila, for inviting me here again today.
I’m using images here from Kate’s ABC's, changing her dress to polka dots and then a check.  How?  It’s just a matter of ungrouping the original image, then over in the layers panel click the dress to open the layer attributes window.  Now choose print and then patterns.  Scroll down to find what you want and click on it.  DS will automatically apply that pattern to your image.

And the pattern can be altered by clicking edit in the layer attributes window and fiddling with the scale, etc.  The stroller with the bunny has the original pattern I chose, and next to it I edited the pattern to be smaller.  Same pattern, just smaller.

The word HELLO has now become an image for print then cut.   Neat.
When you click Go to cut your image, the first one up will be the print then cut, then the rest will be on separate mats according to color as usual.

Now, if you’re saying you have plenty of pattern paper to use to cut those layers, here’s the really cool part about using patterns in DS:  you can apply a pattern to the layer or layers you want, then highlight the whole thing and click flatten.   The entire image becomes a print then cut with your new design– just print it out and have the Explore cut it out and you’re done.   Easy no layering. 
How cute is the ball and fox from Create A Critter with their new looks?
There are free patterns as well as Access patterns in Design Space.  And, of course, you can upload your own too.   I hope you enjoy playing around with patterns.