November 24, 2009

Caution - Dirty Mats Will Not Cut Properly

Be sure to use a clean sticky cutting mat. This morning I tried cutting a 12x12 lace looking border cut. My Gypsy took 20 minutes getting ready to do the cut and another 20 to cut. I was busy doing other things and when I cam back this is what I found!!! What a waste of time and good paper.

So I wanted to take a minute and just share what a great friend shared with me... Zig 2 Way Glue with the wide cap. All you need to do is first scrape your mat as clean as you can. Then, scrub it with soap and water till it is clean and not sticky to the touch. After it dries, use the Zig 2 Way Glue just 1 swipe on the entire mat and let it sit over night to completely dry out. It is amazing and cuts great. Hope this tip helps you out... Thanks Jennifer!

This is how great it cuts after this process is done! Registered & Protected


~BridgetL~ said...

Sorry your cut didn't come out the first time. I love that tip about the zig glue. Been doing this for a while and have't had to buy a new mat in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Sassy, thank you for the tip and you know how much we love tips that save us money!


Lori Huhn said...

I agree one of the biggest problems people have cutting with thier cricuts is thier mat. It needs to be sticky and clean. Remember to adhere your paper well