November 23, 2009

Hot Chocolate Folder Card

Here is how you do it:

I was looking for a card that I could give the men at work for Christmas that was just a little more than a card yet not a gift. This is what I came up with and I love it. It is simple to do and looks masculine to boot. I will add the cut file in the next couple of days from my Gypsy. I want to play with the flap a little more before I post as I would like to give the pocket just a little more room. Hot chocolate takes up a lot of space and I want to make sure the pocket doesn't pop open.

After cutting (note I have a couple of different snowflakes available - you choose you're favorite) score the card before folding. You should be able to do about 4 score marks on the card itself - 4 1/4" from right, and 3 more score marks to the left of that about a sharp pencil tip away from each other(I designed the top a little wider) allowing it to close without a gap showing the contents of the card. The flap should be scored and turned up. Use a strong adhesive so the flap will not pop open and shake the contents of the milk chocolate so it fits in the flap better..

You can decorate the card with whatever artwork you want, the main card is from George and Basic Shapes and the lettering is from A Childs Year. The art I chose is from Joys of the Season and the heading from Winter Woodland. Enjoy.

Download your Gypsy File HERE. Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

this is a great simple gift thanks for sharing this. imafarmgirl

Michele said...

I keep coming across reasons to buy Joys of the Season. aaaahhhh! :)

Awesome card, I love it and am going to watch for the cut file. I can switch out the polar bear for something I do have till I can get my hands on Joys.


Wow are these ever cute!!!

Sheila McShea said...

Note For those downloading my file: the 1st card I made the adhesive was not strong enough to hold so I used a brad on each side in white and it looked fine. Others were held just fine so be sure to use a very stong adhesive.

Marche99 said...

Very cute card, thank you for sharing it!