May 31, 2015

Flyers, Invatations and Tickets Are Easy To Make

Hello, I hope you are having a great day. Join me as I share.
I just love using my Explore for everything. Years ago I would use my computer and it just wouldn't give the same effect as a home made card. We have already been selling tickets and every lady is impressed with their ticket packet.

Now wasn't it easy to put these items together? We even used the tea set on the church bulletin board so everything coordinates.

We kept this as simple as possible as every card had the heading Tea Time on it and that took long enough to glue on.

The inside of the card boasted a little pocket that had the date and time on it to make it easy to remember. We filled each card with a tea bag and then when the women come to purchase we just put the number of tickets they purchase in the pocket.  It kind of makes you feel special even before you get to the party!
I hope you enjoyed today's post. Your sweet-sweet words of encouragement always inspire me to continue posting. Have a blessed day!

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