May 26, 2015

Parisian Themed Gift and Stamped Gift Bag

Hey's Sonya from Sonya's Paper Trail.  I've been saving up this post for a special day and today seems like a special day to me! 

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a 50th birthday party for someone I used to work with.  She was a wonderful friend and mentor and I really hoped to make it to the party.  Our schedule is usually pretty packed this time of year, but we checked the date...and it was OPEN!  It was a sign that we just had to go to the party!  

My friend visited Paris a couple of years ago and fell in love with the city.  Paris is very special to me, too.  I've had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time there over the years, so I decided that I wanted to get her a gift that had a touch of Paris to it.  My local bead boutique does custom work, so I picked out some beads and let the owner do her magic.  

This gorgeous necklace was the result:

Isn't it stunning?  

The shop owner refers to them as "drops".  They can be interchangeable if you have other drops made.

I couldn't resist stamping her a tiny gift bag.  This is a muslin bag that I got from CTMH.  Stamps and ink work so well on them!

I added a matching tag and a tiny bit of twine and decided it was perfect.

The lovely hostess decided that she'd not tell anyone that my husband and I were going to attend.  It was so much fun to surprise everyone when we walked up to the door.  I hadn't seen some of my former coworkers for probably 5 years or more.  The party was wonderful, seeing friends from my past was very special, and being able to share in someone's milestone birthday was pretty  awesome, too.  I'm so glad we made the trip!   Oh, and she loved the necklace!!

Have a super day! 


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Sonya first the treasured beads a wonderful keepsake. I love how you used the little bag to make it even more personal if possible. Thank you for sharing this special gift with us today!

Krafthead said...

What an awesome gift set this is!! Love it~

Lisa said...

Beautiful, I'm sure your friend will cherish that.