December 14, 2009

It Started In a Manger

I chose this photo as it reminded me of what I think it was like the night Christ was born. You can see the love of parents and the helplessness of baby Jesus. The King of Kings, Lord of Lord, gave all to come and be with us, God and man, born to save us from our sin.
I don't beleive it was a silent night! The angels were rejoicing, the stars shone bright and there was music all around, and the shepherds praised God on this glorious night. "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" seems to be the cry of my heart.  I hope that this photo stirs thoughts of that first Christmas and that you are blessed by that.

Greetings From Alabama

We Wish For You The Best Christmas Ever!

This has been such a blessed year for Jim and I. We have been able to spend a lot of time with our family this year. I can’t even tell you how many times we have been to Chicago, but it is plenty. Jennifer and Sam moved here to Alabama in May, living only 6 blocks from our house in a beautiful ranch home. Sydney adjusted almost immediately to her new surroundings. She and Justin spent everyday of the summer at our church’s day camp and loved it. They fight like brother and sister as they are together so much.

Our 6th grandchild was born in July, little Aiden Daniel Hudson arriving in perfect time so we could be there to welcome him into our family. We teased Heather as we were able to be at Greg & Sue’s wedding party the same weekend. Aiden is a little cutie and will probably be our last grandchild according to our children. So we continue to spoil them all!

Our little Carissa decided she wanted to have her birthday party in Alabama eating steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, cake and cupcakes. Of course we said yes and flew them in. We added lunch at Chucky Cheese’s! This left us with a dilemma, so there was nothing we could do but fly into Chicago and surprise Brianna on her 7th birthday in October. Another Chucky Cheese lunch, and an opportunity to visit with everyone. We also saw Aiden’s dedication.

Our little Gavin is growing in leaps and bounds and started walking when we were on Orange beach this summer holding onto the chairs as he did so. He’s now a year old and has a sweet spirit and a temper to boot! He now goes to daycare at Riverside Baptist and all the ladies pamper him. Justin is so grown up now, “in second grade and everything”, and doesn’t want to play with 1st graders anymore! Don’t worry Grandma & Grandpa they (his cousins) will understand when they get to 2nd grade! Can you stand it?
God is good, you see it’s not about worldly goods, and where you’ve been and who you know… it’s the love of family that makes you rich. I know God gave these beautiful children to us so we could understand Him more. So we could have a better understanding of how great His love is for us! We are children of God. Just think of how much you love your child, that’s how much God loves you and more.

We wish the love of a child for you, filled with awe and wonder at this the Christmas season. May your hearts be softened as that love of a child during this holy season….

Jim & Sheila
John 3:16 (New International Version) 16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Registered & Protected
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