December 20, 2009

Making a Ginger Bread House

Isn't this just too much fun. Justin and Sydney came over to help Grandma and Grandpa put together a Ginger Bread house for Christmas. We had sooooo much fun. First we ate lunch and then moved on to the big project. Because we were so excited we left our sandwiches on the counter just in case we got hungry while we were doing our house. (Sandwich or candy need I say more?)

We had a kit so we followed the instructions very carefully while putting up the walls and then the roof. The roof didn't hold so we called on Grandpa for help. You see Grandpa used to be a roofer when he was a young man soooo....

It took a lot of holding and a lot of icing, but Grandpa did get our little house to stand. The excitement was almost too much! Because we used a lot of icing Grandma made some frosting to decorate the doors and windows with.  Justin thought it was really cool that you could use a plastic bag to write with the frosting and decided to decorate 'his' side of the house while Sydney applied candy.

Before we knew was happening a hurricane hit in the kjitchen and the roof colapsed. The children were so upset they started eating the house and candy on the side of the roof that came down. We bagged up some for their parents and ever so nicely proceeded to take these sugar ladden children home to their parents!

We had a great time, but took a Sunday afternoon nap after they securely home with their mothers and fathers. We praised Jesus for the quiet time! Registered & Protected
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