December 10, 2009

Shhh, Its A Secret!!!

This is my grandson Justin and my grandaughter Sydney and we are making Christmas presents for Mommy & Daddy so don't tell anyone, OK?.   But, just so you know we are not going to tempt them by showing a photo of their project until after Christmas. We just want to share how important it is to spend a little time together as a family to make someone else's Christmas as special as can be.

All the craft stores have pre-made projects this time of year for these little ones. So even if you feel you are not creative you can pick up at kit for under $5. I picked up a little project that took them only an hour to do and both Mommy and Daddy will have a gift under the tree made with their little hands. What a wonderful memory both creating and receiving this special gift!

Justin finished his first and decided to have a little snack while Sydney was hard at work on her Daddy's gift. She told me she loves her Mommy and Daddy a lot so they needed to be really really nice presents!

Sydney is sooo happy her gifts are done and she said she will have to put them way under the tree all the way in the back up against the wall so her Daddy couldn't get at it and shake her gift to him! Don't you love it!

We want to wish you and everyone in your family a very Merry and Blessed Christsmas Season! Registered & Protected
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