August 2, 2012


Hello, everyone!!!  This is Audrey.  Wow, how I've missed you all and I'm so very happy to be back!!!  Thank you, sweet Sheila for allowing me back!

I have a simple but, I think, cute project to share today.  It's kind of a card:

I haven't completed the wording on the inside yet because I'm not absolutely certain who will recieve it, although I have somewhat of an idea:

But wait..., what the heck!!!  Is that a box inside my card?  With 2 pockets?!!!  YES!  This card/box will hold 2 fittable items (hey, my last project had 2 pockets, guess I'm on a roll, huh!...LOL!!!):

Now, my idea of who might be getting this is my DH's niece for her upcoming birthday, so I made a little matching pocket  --to go inside one of the pockets -- to hold some cash, and I made a little matching notebook to go inside the second pocket:

Are you liking this so far?!!!

This was quick and fun to do, and you can do one too!  Here's how to put it together.  Begin with pre-cut  sized cardstock sheets for the base card and box:

Card - measures 12"x 4.25" (Score and fold in half to measure 6" x 4.25") - Put aside for later
One 12"x 12" sheet of cardstock makes the following:
  • Box Front  - measures 12" x 7"
  • Box Back - measures 5"x7" (This cut is from the leftover 12"x12" cardstock used for the box front)
Starting with the 12" x 7" cardstock, lay 12" side across top of scoreboard and score at 4" and 8"; turn paper one quarter turn with 5.75" across top of scoreboard and score at 7".

Next the the 5" x 7" cardstock, with 5" side across top of scoreboard, score at 1/2" and 4.25"; turn a quarter turn (now 7" is across of scoreboard), score at 5.75".  You're scores should look like this:

To make neater and easier folding, cut out areas on each sheet of cardstock as shown below:

Next you want to do a mountain fold down the middle of the first and last outer sections on the 12"x 7" panel -- do not fold down the middle of the middle section.  You will know why I'm telling you to do this later.  (If it makes it easier, you can score these folds in at 2" and 6" when you're scoring the 12" x 7" cardstock sheet with the 12" across the top of the scoreboard; I just choose to do it this way).  This panel is the front of the box:

Now take the 5" x 7" sheet of cardstock (the back of the box) and glue/adhere the outside tabs to the inside edges of the front of the box to look like this (do not glue the bottom tabs in place yet!):

Now here's where the importance of that mountain fold comes in on the front of the card!  Using your thumb and any finger, gently squeese your box together bringing in the bottom tabs until the overlap and align with each other  -- now glue them together:

When you do this project you'll notice that the tabs will appear too short to reach each the other and overlap the box opening -- until you squeeze the box together at the folds!!!  Then you'll really see why the mountain folds are absolutely necessary!
The picture below shows how the top of the box should look now; can you see how the 2 pockets are formed?

Okay, now let's make the pockets more prominent by separating them even more.  Take a scrap piece of cardstock (about 1.50" x 5"), fold it in half lenthwise and glue it across the middle of the folds where the 2 pockets will meet:

This step is optional as you may want to use another closure, however, I added a ribbon to the back of my box for the closure on my card/box:

Okay, now time to grab that 12"x 4.25" card I indicated you make at the top of this tutoral.  Take your box; carefully center and align the bottom of the box to the inside bottom panel of the card and glue/adhere them together!  Yippee, you have your card-box!!!

Now the final step is to decorate it anyway you like and add anything you like!!!  To embellish mine, I added cuts printed from the Imagaine Word of Mouth cartridge, tossed in a couple of roses, and added some stickles around the edges.

Hope you like my project!!!  I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your creations!!!

Any questions, just visit me by clicking on my name at the top of this post!  I'll be glad to help!!!

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!!!
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