September 13, 2013

Bathroom Wall Art

Hello everyone. It's Danita, from It's been a very busy time for me these last few weeks.  I was preparing for my daughter's 27th birthday so I didn't get too much craftiness for myself done. I did manage to revive our Master bathroom and the guest bathroom walls. It was a bit of a challenge for the guest bathroom as the hubby proclaims this to be his turf when we don't have company and he doesn't wanted it all "girlied up" like the master. If it were up to him, there would be nothing on our walls at all! I personally cannot stand to see a blank wall.  I think the walls need to have a little character, don't you? Anyway, here's what I did: (I forgot to take before pics so I had to blot out the vinyl areas in the photo)  
Before - The "Man" Bathroom
After-still masculine, but much nicer.
These are $2.00 towels I got on clearance.  This was my very first time using my embroidery machine!
Before -  Master Bath
After -  Master Bath
Close up view
This piece is actually cut  for the "man" bathroom, but hubby wasn't having it. lol   I wasn't going to throw it away, so I found a spot in the Master Bathroom.
Now, these are some projects I did a long time ago for my daughter's home and I thought I'd share them with you also.  I actually did these with my Cricut!
This is her Master Bathroom
The downstairs bathroom. I tried to coordinate everything!
Butterflies flying up the wall
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