December 30, 2014

Brother Scan N Cut: Orientation and Cutting Patterns-Session 1

Brother Scan N Cut CM 100
I received this electronic cutting machine for Christmas!
I have enjoyed learning to use the features!
Today begins a series of blog posts that I am creating to show how to use the machine!  This first session is learning how to turn on, load blade housing, loading mat, and using the pattern feature.  The machine comes with a large variety of images.
Happy New Year!
This is Carolyn from
These cards are my first projects!
Close up!
The machine cuts great!  There is very little paper waste, too!
I cut mulitple images to create multiple cards.
The images were attached with double-sided foam to give dimension.
For a photo tutorial for using the Scan N Cut, please visit my blog...
I recently saw a YouTube video using baby bottle nipples as the topper for my liquid glue bottles.  My experience is at the end of the post above!
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Have a wonderful New Year and come back soon!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Is this similar to the other machines that you buy artwork of do you mainly scan things like images you find etc. and then cut. Like what I see thus far but need to go to your site to learn more. Thanks for sharing with us today.

Carolyn Lineberger said...

I believe you can purchase artwork and use with this machine. However, I am just now learning how to use it. It has a learning curve, but I will continue to try all the options!

Charlotte C said...

My cousin has had the SNC since earlier this year and she uses it for embroidery patterns. I haven't seen it myself in action. And I did see the nipple/glue video last week; can't wait to buy some.

Lisa said...

Very sweet, wow another machine :) there are so many out there now. Love your cards.

Lori Apgar said...

I saw this at the fabric store buying fabric with my Mother-in-Law. Tried to convince her "we" needed one to share (he he he). She quilts. She did not think we "needed" one!! :(

Can't wait to see what else you create with it!!