April 3, 2015

Take Me to the Water!

Hello Sweet and Sassy People!

Now my project is not traditional by any means. Let me give a little background. I used to work in the Printing and Publishing field in the Graphic Design department That was many moons ago. After being laid off when the Twin Towers were destroyed, I did not play with any of my software. Unfortunately for me, I forgot a lot and the program changed so much during that time. In 2011, I purchased Photoshop Elements and I liked it. I was learning the program. The developers made the program simple! However, my computer crashed. Then I received Photoshop (the full program) and was completely lost! I am relearning the program again along with Illustrator. So long story short, I am sharing a simple entry level digi layout! By the way, this is the first layout (of any kind) this year for me. I was just happy to create LOL!

I forgot to take screen captures of the process so here is the process “verbally”: I made the base layer by filling it in with a solid color and using a preset brush to make a pattern paper. I added layers of colors (mats) and shadows for a little dimension. I even used a pattern on one of the layers for more texture. I made the fishtail banner in Illustrator as well as the chevron pattern and brought them over to PS. I typed out the title (I got it from the song we sing before baptisms) and “wrote” my journaling. 

The photo is of my second oldest daughter being baptized. She came to her father and I and asked if she could. We talked to her about what that meant and she understood what she was asking. She made the decision and this is her coming out! Here it is-

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Thank you for letting me share one of my special moments with you. Until next time, create, create, CREATE!!! Kenya~


Charlotte C said...

Lovely layout. TFS such a special photo.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Kenya, this is beautiful and what a treasured memory indeed. Thank you for sharing this moment with us today!

Lisa said...

Beautiful picture and very nice layout.

Krafthead said...

Thank you all so very much :)

lINDA swtanxiety94@yahoo.com said...