June 26, 2015

Monogrammed Note Cards Make Great Gifts

Don't you just love Christmas? I know I sure do, but I want to give everyone a gift and I just can't afford to so shhhh I want to share this little project with you so maybe you too can use it this Christmas season for a little gift to give someone you care for. This is a direct scrap lift from Kristy at Scrapin On My Door and I am so excited to share this project with you again!  I shared it last year with a video camera that you couldn't see very well so I thought it was worth a revisit... and I promised I was only going to share what I was actually making for my needs this Christmas.
Above is a close up of one of the portfolios that hold the note cards and envelopes, don't you just love the shimmer?
This is how the front looks and as I show you in the video you can alter it to what you like, be it with or without embossing. Wide or narrow bands, you do what you like the looks of.

Here is the inside notice it has 4 monogrammed note cards and 4 envelopes. Isn't that a wonderful set? I keep these on had for a quick gift, all I need to do is make the scallops, circles and initial and glue them on and viola they are done. All the sets in the video are without the monograms as I will do that as soon as I complete my set of names.
Here is another color, don't you just love how they look good with any coordinating color combination? Great for any season these card sets are awesome.
This is the photo of the set that Kristy made for me at Craftin On My Door, aren't they gorgeous? See what I mean any color and the gift is just right! I think I have shown these note cards to everyone that has been to my office in my home, because I love this gift! So let's get to work.

Now wasn't that easy... but we aren't done yet. Let's get theses put together so you too can make these awesome note card sets.

These little monogrammed note cards are perfect for gifts for this holiday season. I hope you get the opportunity to make a few. I hope you enjoyed today's post. Your sweet - sweet word encourage me and your comments continue to inspire me to continue sharing with you. Have a blessed day.... See you Saturday.
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