October 16, 2012

Waterfalls and Butterflies

Hi everyone, its Karon from Karon's Krafty Korner and my turn this month to be here to share with you.

I have decided to do a waterfall card, I have been meaning to do one of these ever since I started back into card making earlier in the year.

You will need to start off with an 8.5" by 11" piece of card stock.  Cut this in half, along the long edge, so that you end up with a piece measuring 8.5" by 5.5" and when folded a 5.5" by 4.25" card base.

My first two layers are cut at 5 3/8" by 4 1/8" and 5 2/8" by 4".  You can go ahead and stick these two layers together, do not stick them to you card base yet!

I stamped my four images (from a Recollections stamps set) onto four pieces of white card stock.  Each piece measuring 1 7/8" square.  I used blue ink to stamp the images and ink the edges of all the pieces of card.  Then I backed each of the images with a 2" square, in my yellow card stock.

Now we are going to form the waterfall element of the card.

You will need a piece of card stock 8.5" by 2".  You will score the this piece at the 1.75", 2.5", 3.25" and 4" marks.  (I used yellow for the card)

Before we assemble this next part, you will also need a piece of card stock to use as a band to hold the waterfall in place.  This is to measure 4" by 1".

In order to get the placement of your waterfall band correct, place your waterfall card stock on your card, note the long end when folded (from the 4" fold mark - place this at the top of your top layer) is on the bottom under the band and the shorter at the front of the band.  Lets secure the band with brads, before we continue.

(The base of my band was approximately 1.5" from the bottom.)

Slot the long side of your waterfall behind the band, you only need to secure the front of the waterfall to the front of the band.  Like so.

Next you now need to secure all your images to the folded edges.  Place the images, just under the score marks - this with let your waterfall move easier. Please note after positioning your first image, the rest of the images only need be secured with a little glue.

Now you can add the remaining images, remember secure them just below the the score line.

Now we need to add a little ribbon to the back of the waterfall feature, I used an eyelet to give a little extra strength and then added a little piece of rainbow ribbon.

Now you can secure this to your card base, and we are done.

You can pull the waterfall down using the ribbon.

I also decorated the inside of my card - I really do need to get used to doing this every time, it really finishes the card off.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and were able to follow it:-)  Thanks Sheila for having me again this month.

Happy crafting.

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