November 20, 2012

Christmas is coming!

Hi all, its Karon here, from Karons's Krafty Korner.

I attend a Wednesday coffee morning and it will be my turn to host at the beginning of December.  I thought I would make up some little gift baskets for each of my friends to take home. It would also make a nice little teachers gift.

I found this tutorial on Split Coast Stampers, however, I do not own any cutting dies.  So of course I turned to my Cricut.

I also made my basket a little bigger - I will show you the measurements for a 10" scallop circle.  The only difficulty I found, was finding a symmetrical one, but I eventually found one on the Art Philosophy cartridge, page 41, circle 3.

I am using the 10" circle as I wanted a slightly bigger basket. Use a 12" by 12" piece of card stock and don't throw away the excess, cut off a 12" by 0.75" piece, this will be the handle for your basket.

You will need to start off by placing the valley of a scallop at the 5.5" mark on your score board and make sure that you have a valley at the bottom on the same score line.

Here is a close up of the top of the circle.  For ease of positioning on the score board, I used the 5.5" mark on the scoreboard (I also drew a small pencil mark on my scoreboard in the score line to help with lining up) as my starting point, you need to score 1.75" either side of this.  So score at the 3.75" mark and the 7.25" mark.

Next rotate you circle a quarter turn so that you have the centre of a mountain of the scallop at the top at the 5.5" score mark and the same at the bottom.

Again you will score at the 3.75" mark and the 7.25" mark as below.

Ok, now we are going to cut into the first score lines that you made, up to the centre square - as follows.

If you actually cut either side of the embossed line - you will get a better fit for your basket.  You just need to  use the embossed line as your cutting guide, and just cut the width of the the embossed line only.  As below.

Fold all you score lines, nice and crisp.  Time to put it together.  Place tape as shown to form the first sides of the box.

Then pull two sides together and put more tape for the final two sides.

Turn up your final two sides and that's your box complete.  Now its time to decorate.

Firstly, the easy part - the handle.  Take the 12" by 0.75" piece you saved from earlier, I put a strip that was 12" by 0.5" down the middle of my handle, and another piece on top 12" by 0.25".

To secure your handle pick two brads of your choice. And secure as below.

The rest of your box can be decorated how you wish.  Here's mine :-)

The embellishments were all from the Winter Woodland Cartridge.  The Let it Snow (page 62) was cut at 3" width.  The outer snowflakes (page 35) were cut at 1.5" and 1".

The finished box is 3.5" square by 3.25" deep.  Perfect for a little gift at Christmas.

You will not believe what I cut the silver snowflakes from.  It is called "peel & stick" Faux Metal adhesive Covering.

It cuts in the Cricut like butter. I used the same settings I use for Vinyl; 3,3,3.  I paid $9.99 Canadian, at Lowes for this 20" by 48" roll, so really economical.  It was in the the kitchen area where they keep the stuff you put on shelves.   It's self adhesive and comes with a backing sheet with squares on it (just like the vinyl) so makes it easy to measure.

I hope you have enjoyed my visit today.

Thanks Sheila, for putting up with me again this month ;-)

Happy crafting everyone.

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