November 9, 2012

Making Envelopes Of Any Size

I just love making cards and as of late they seem to be getting larger and larger and of varying sizes and shapes. That is all fine and dandy and people love getting handmade cards, but it does create a problem. You need an envelope to place the card in that fits. Well you are going to love this little post as it will take you step by step in making you own envelopes. The only limitation is the size of paper you have to work with.

Now wasn't that easy? And I have to chuckle now as I was so nervous doing this video that I even forgot to use my corner rounder on the little flap area. Bet you didn't know that I get nervous did you? I even made my own little cheat sheet that I typed up and keep at my side as I always forget what step I am on an it makes an easy reference for me. Oh, if you want a copy of my cheat sheet just click HERE for the PDF file.

Here is a close up of the envelope with the card in it and you can see how great it fits. I love being able to have envelops to fit any card. Oh, if you would like instructions for making this card just click HERE.

Here is a close up of the stamped image on my card. I just love the simplicity of stamping the green on green. It looks awesome, don't you think?

And this is how my card looks when it is pulled out of the envelope and they are sitting side by side. Don't you love how well they coordinate? I love it.
Thanks for spending a little time with me today. I hope I have helped you a little today and made it easy for you to make you very own custom envelopes. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments inspire me to keep sharing with you. Have a blessed day.
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