May 30, 2013

Making your own sticky pick up stick and/or glue dots

 Hello! Leah from Paperblossoms here and this month I thought I'd share a little tip that I have found to be so useful and inexpensive. I love to use little rhinestones or flat backed pearls on my cards and other projects but find that picking them up and getting them placed just so can be difficult. I have tried tweezers, but those just don't work well for me. I have tried getting the tip of my finger wet and trying to place them, which usually ends up that they fall off my finger right as I am about to place them! I have seen the Quikstick but honestly didn't want to fork over the $8 or so bucks for it. So one day an idea struck me and it works wonderfully!
 I purchased some Tack it Over and Over from Michaels (I know Amazon has it too) and first started by making my own glue dots. I saved a used roll of purchased glue dots with a good amount of the waxy paper that the dots come on and just dotted the Tack it Over and Over on to it and let it dry overnight. It makes fabulous glue dots! Then I found an unused rub-on tool in my stash (but you could use anything that has a bit of a point on it, such as the pointy end of a pen cap or a bamboo skewer) and stuck one of the glue dots onto the end of it, kind of wrapping it onto it.
 Like this. It picks up the tiniest gems and pearls perfectly! To get them to release, especially when the glue dot is new and extra sticky, I use a small stylus tool (pictured above) to release it, but again just a toothpick would work too. :)

Now I can add my gems and pearls SO much easier and they don't fall off mid placement. And no more buying glue dots! I hope you'll give it a try! Thanks so much for stopping by :)
Inspired by Stamping sentiment stamp from Big Wishes II and Background Basics II
Flower is cut using the Cindy Loo Cartridge


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

What a great idea and will have to give this a try. And, I love the card it is just adorable. Thanks for sharig today!

Creative M said...

What a GREAT idea...Did not know that!! TFS
Have a wonderful day,
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Karon said...

Fabulous idea - I wrap double sided sticky tape around the end of a small embossing stylus - TFS.

Lori Apgar said...

Gorgeous card!!! I have a Quick Stick and it is gooey on the end :( Like yours better!!

Lisa said...

Your card is beautiful, love the flower. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I've got to try making my own glue dots.

D- said...

Your card is so pretty.
Wow this technique sounds like just what I've been looking for. TFS.

bev said...

I always make my glue dots that way but have never thought of putting them on the end of stylis,
what a great idea,thanks for sharing

Charlotte C said...

I have the quick stick, but your idea is terrific for making glue dots and using them this way. Got to try this.

Anonymous said...

love that idea will have to try.
love your name is Mine is Sheila And they call me Sassy

Annie said...

What a wonderful tip! Thank you very much for sharing, I will try this one for sure :)