May 17, 2013

Stickled Apron

Hi Everyone,

Lisa from Lisa's Craft Room here posting for the month of May for She's A Sassy Lady. Thank you for having me again :) I hope you are doing well. Let me apologize for this post. I've had a crazy busy week. Thursday was my son's birthday (20) and it was so hard to celebrate because we got news in the morning that our Uncle had passed away in his sleep. It is a very emotional time for us because my husband was so close to him. It's so sad that we have no control over our loved ones being taken from us. We are not to understand why on this earth. We just have to go on living and remember them even though it's so hard to live life without them.

Well, my friend loves to bake cupcakes and for her birthday I found this darling apron on From My Kitchen. I used my Gypsy, picked the blackout feature, copied it and welded it to make a card. I then used the layer feature for the front of the card. I also found the cute cupcakes, muffin pan and oven mitt on the same cartridge. I adhered everything on to the card, then used stickles. When I took this picture, the stickles were still wet. The initials L.M.S. are her initials but they are also her cupcake name. Love My Sweets. I think the card came out so cute and she really liked it.

Thank you all for stopping by and I will try to post more regularly. Have a wonderful weekend.

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