January 15, 2014

Collage Cards--Part 2!

It was a cold, rainy, and dark afternoon!  I wanted something to do, so...I decided to make a mess in my nice, clean craft room!  It was time to make another collage board for creating cards!

Hello, this is Carolyn, from Carolyn's Creative Corner!  I am excited to share this project today on "She's a Sassy Lady"!

The collage board begins with basic art supplies.  I use a good art canvas to hold the collage because of the weight and amount of glue that will be used.  Paper will not hold the weight or the wetness of the glue.  The glue is a watered down mixture of "Yes" paste and water.  I use a paint brush to apply the liquid glue to the items.  Use lots of glue!  Everything will dry clear...I promise!!
"Yes" paste is exactly what it sound like...a paste!  I scoop out the desired amount, add water, and start mixing.  Keep mixing, the paste will eventually dissolve and become liquid glue.  You can make the mixture as light or heavy as desired.
I collect scraps of paper and embellishments!!  This collection becomes the collage!  This is a great way to use up your stash!!
Since this collage board is going to be cut-up and used on cards, I really do not have an organized thought about what the collage board will eventually look like.  I begin the collage board by gluing bits of paper to the canvas, covering all areas of the canvas.  Then I glue down assorted embellishments, stamped images, stickers, die cuts, whatever I can find!
Another corner!  By this time I am beginning to see "Fashionistas"!  I searched my stash for images and embellishments that carried that theme.
Here it is!  The finished collage board!  Ready to be cut-up and used on cards!
A friend has her 80th birthday is a few days.  I wanted to make her a special card, so I decided to use the collage board.  I wanted a frame for the front of the card.  I found this frame on the Cricut Cartridge "Accents Essentials".  I am using my Gypsy and Cricut Mini to cut the frame.
I want at least 2 frames for the front, so I am cutting 4 with the Gyspy and Mini.  It was a good thing I cut 4!  I had a mishap with 2!
I moved the frame around the collage board until I found the scene that I wanted.  I cut the section out a tiny bit larger than the frame.  This prevents the edges of the collage from showing when the pieces are glued to the card front.
I cut a piece of brown card stock the size of the card.  I built the card on this card front before gluing it to the card base.  Next, I added a ivory piece of card stock, cut a little smaller than the brown.  I found this 'musical' scrapbook paper that had the perfect color combination! Then I glued the collage board piece and on top of the scrapbook paper.  I used two frames with dimensional tape to add depth.  Then I began layering flowers and pearls.  I used letter stickers that were in my stash to make the card personal!
Another view of the card front.
Full view of the card.
Inside the card!
I used the corner of the collage board that was cut away when I cut the section for the front.
Now to go create the envelope!

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