January 10, 2014

Easy Gifts - Charger Plates!!

Hello Everyone!  I hope the New Year has been kind to you so far. This is Danita from danitasdesigns.blogspot.com.

This month I would like to share with you an easy gift to warm any little girl's heart. Girl's love to see their names on anything, especially if it's unique and hard to find. I made these two charger plates for the daughter's of my employees for Christmas gifts. They loved them!

These can be made for any event: Birthday, Anniversary, Easter, Valentine's Day and etc.... Just decide what you want to put on the charger, measure the inside circle of the plate, and work within that circle. You can use your Cameo, Cricut or whatever cutter you have. The charger plates can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and a few at Walmart. You can sit them on their dresser, shelf or drill holes in the top of the plate, insert pretty ribbon and hang them on the wall.

You can see more of my charger plates and instructions on my blog: danitasdesigns.blospot.com

This one is for Kemani. She is on a dance team at her school.

This one is for Danai.  I guess you can tell she's a soccer player huh?

Thank you for stopping by!!!


Karon said...

Such a sweet gift idea - wonderful!

Unknown said...

Fabulous! Love the color combination!