January 20, 2014


          Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.  This is Charlotte C, and I’m happy to share an experience I had learning my new Cameo – well, I’ve had it since September, but my learning curve is quite, uh, curved.  I am below a novice with this machine.  Thank you, Sheila, for letting me once again join your wonderful group of talented designers, and I hope you are doing well.
           I found this simple birthday card in the Silhouette Store and thought, hey, I can do it.  First thing I didn’t like were the score line perforations, so I knew I had to get rid of them, and I did that by ungrouping, release compound path, highlighting those lines and pressing delete.  Then I put my good pattern card stock in and proceeded to cut the card.  Oh, boy, was I in for a surprise.  Unfortunately, I tossed out the pattern card stock I messed up, so I duplicated what happened here in white card stock.
          You can see by these pictures two problems, which I’ve marked in blue ink: the perforations and that first cut line from the edge.  Because it all came apart when I took the card off the mat.



           Also, the frame around Happy Birthday wasn’t attached to the card.

          So back to the drawing board.  This is what the original card looked like on the screen.
          I then proceeded to open the cut screen and clicked “no cut” around the Happy Birthday frame and the 1st cut from the edge, and now it looked like this.
           I grouped it all together before cutting.  I did do a test run on white card stock before I put my good patterned CS in the machine and I was very happy with the results.
          I used copper foil to line the card and added a sheer copper bow.  I used my Cameo to cut the letters and 16 from copper foil and adhered them to the balloons.  The star is a punch with a little bling in the center.  You can see my hand reflected while I held the camera.  lol

          Now, I know there are some of you who are adept at using the Cameo, and if you have a way that this could have been done any simpler, I hope you share it with us.  I have tons to learn and YouTube has been a great help.  I’m loving the Cameo and I have done a few things I’m excited about, but for anyone who is new at it, I thought I’d share how I got around what was a problem for me.  Note to self:  check cut lines before cutting.  Thanks for being here today

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