July 4, 2014

Happy 4th Of July With A Simple Card Make 2 In Only 5 Minutes... It started With A Bad Cut!

Hello, hope all is well with each and everyone and you are enjoying the 4th. Well I walked into my scrap room for the first time an 3 months and my first card was a blooper. You see I used my Silhouette Portrait and printed my piece of art 2 up, forgot to run registration marks and cut. So you know me, I'm not about to throw anything out so in less than 5 minutes I put 2 beautiful cards together.

Now wasn't that easy and fast too. Unfortunately my mouth doesn't work as fast as the card and I just had to visit with you a little bit!

Well I sure hope you liked my little post today. Come back tomorrow to see all the cards from the card party. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. You comments always inspire me to share with you. Have a safe and blessed 4th!


Charlotte C said...

Such a cute, cute card. Love it. It's so good to hear your voice again. Hugs to you.

Unknown said...

Great cards Sheila - so glad you are back in your craft room!!! I love how you make lemonade out of lemons!!!

Lisa B said...

Very cute card! Happy 4th!

Dianne said...

You have wonderful judgement when placing cards on a background paper. I have trouble adjusting the card so that it is even at the edges. Eventually I get it, but I spend too much time placing the printed card on the blank background. And I loved the 4th of July card. Happy holiday.

Dianne Bell - Sewpro02@aol.com