July 18, 2014

Meet 11 Year Old Brianna As She Shows Us How To Make A Smile Card For Our Mini Card Party

Hello, I hope all is well with you. Today we are preparing for a mini card party that includes my 2, 11 year old grand daughters and my daughter Jennifer. We had so much fun together making the little card kits. Our party will be a 2:00 this afternoon.
We were to each prepare 2 cards of 4 sets for the party. Brianna chose this little smile  card that I designed 2 years ago. She didn't realize how hard the card was and how many steps it took to make it. She learned many things and had a lot of fun. Here is a copy of the file Smile Card for your Gypsy.

Now wasn't that fun? And really easy to put together.

Here is our Brianna, she really likes making cards.

Brianna learned how to use a score pal and to stickle today.
I sure hope you enjoyed this little visit, be sure to keep watching as we show many adorable and easy card that you too can make. Thank you for your sweet sweet comments for Brianna, I know she will be encouraged by each one of them. Have a blessed week.
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