January 23, 2015

A Friendship Card And Encouragement Card

Hello, how are you? This weeks card is a nice simple one. I just used this piece of art from Design Space at a 5x5 size. Then I hand cut a 10x5" paper for the card scoring it to a 5x5.

Now wasn't that easy to put together? As you can see I am using this for our upcoming card party. We will used it as a contest card as it is easy to put together.

I then found the above stamp in my stash and used the brown ink and stamped the inside of the card. At first I thought of making it a Valentine card but I really like it as a friendship card.

This card is the 2nd card in my video. My camera ran out of juice so there is no instructions. I thought I would show you a close up of the card as it turned out so nice and also makes a great friendship card.

This is a close up of the front. As you can see there are many layers of this card.

This is the close up of the inside of the card. I love how this card turned out. I love the intricate cuts on this card.

Thank you for joining me today for this post. It was a great getting this card ready for the card party. And, I love sharing what I do with you. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me.

Have a blessed day.
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