January 19, 2015


Hello, everyone, and a happy 2015 to you.  I hope you all had a beautiful holiday and are settling into the new year doing what you love, especially crafting!   
This is Charlotte C, and I’m excited to share with you a video I found on YouTube about sealing your liquid adhesives with, of all things, silicone baby bottle nipples.  I for one get so frustrated with Zip Dry and Glossy Accents and Scotch Quick Dry – always sticking pins and paper clips into the nozzle to get the darn things flowing.  And now with some foam tape and silicone nipples the problem has been solved.  The link is to a video by Follow The Paper Trail and I hope you find it as useful and informative as I did.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huZXoBncje0

Thank you for visiting today and thanks to Sheila for allowing me to once again be part of her wonderful blog.  I am always inspired and often amazed at all the talented women who are part of this site, especially Sheila, and I wish you all good health, happiness and love in the year ahead.

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