January 2, 2013

Finished December Daily

Hello, this is Kate from Sassy and Scrappy.  I can't believe December has come and gone...as has another year.  Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013.  Last month I shared the beginning of my December Daily album and I'm back to share the finished product with you.  I'm not going to show every completed page, but I did choose several that I thought you might enjoy.

I added this title page.  It's a little hard to see, I apologize, but the tag simply says Merry Christmas.

December 8-My nephew's first birthday.  I didn't do a lot of journalling for this page, I'll save that for a scrapbook page.  In the little pocket on the left I included some of the tags from the gifts he received.

December 11-This page documents an unexpected gift I received in the mail.

December 17-I included some information about a center I volunteer at (it's a place for grieving children and families and I work with a group of 6-12 year old kids who have had siblings die).  I wanted to share a little about our last meeting before the holidays and how we remembered our loved ones.

December 20-I included a picture of some of the gifts I had wrapped and prepared.  In the journalling I talked a little about our family holiday traditions and how we give/receive gifts.

December 22-Annual cousin's party.  Every year before Christmas all the cousin's from my dad's side of the family gather together for fun and festivities.  It started over 25 years ago and is something we all look forward to every year.  The ages of the cousins in attendance this year range from 33 to 5.  There's a lot of us, and it's a total blast.  My youngest brother and sister in law moved out of the country last spring but were able to join us over Skype.  We even managed to play Scattergories together.  Great memories.

December 25-The big day!  I chose to end my December Daily here, some people go through the entire month, but this worked out better for me.  And as you'll see in the picture below, my album was completely stuffed.  For  Christmas day I included the events of the day, a package label for a pair of shoes I received, a printed movie ticket for Les Miserables, and a picture of the stack of games and gifts my oldest nephew received.  Hopefully he won't complain of boredom any time soon.

And there you have it.  I really enjoyed documenting December 2012 and plan to do it again next year.  The holidays always seem to fly by and this was a fun way to slow down and remember the moments.  Happy New Year!


Karon said...

What a wonderful project to share - fabulous.

Lisa said...

What an amazing little (big) album. That is such a wonderful keepsake of special memories. Great job.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Your book is just GORGEOUS! I love the way it turned out and all those precious memories! Love it and thanks for sharing today.