February 6, 2015

Custom Gift and a Hello!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kenya and I am one of the newest members of She’s a Sassy Lady! I am so ecstatic about being a part of this group and being able to share my projects with each of you! I hope you enjoy them just as much :) I also hope to bring a little sassiness to the team!

Just to share a little about myself: I am a married. My husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage back in December. We have four daughters (10, 8, 6 (will be 7 next week) and 5 years old) and one son (4 months old). Yep, you read right; I am a mother to five wonderful children! I have been an “official” crafter for 5 years. I like to create everything from cards to mixed media! I am a cutting machine/tool junky! You will get to know that more as time progress LOL.

For my first project, I made a custom gift for someone. This gift was inexpensive to make as well as easy! I purchased a glass cutting board from the Dollar Tree. I already had vinyl on hand from a  different project and I used a file from the Silhouette Store. 

I opened Silhouette Studio Software and placed my image on the virtual mat. I did not need all of the parts of the file. I ungrouped the image and deleted what I did not need. 

Next I resized my image and moved the utensils how I wanted them on the mat. I then used a true type font for the name of the family. I used the Character Spacing/Kerning feature in the software which can be found under Text Style. Once I was satisfied with the kerning, I welded the name together. 

I grouped all of the images. Because the vinyl was going on the underside of the glass, I had to flip the image. 

I cut out the image and applied it to the cutting board. I must note, I cleaned the cutting board prior to applying the vinyl to ensure good contact of the vinyl to the glass. This is very durable and should last the recipient for years to come. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! I look forward to share the next project. Until next time, be safe, have fun and CREATE!! Kenya~
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