October 14, 2015

Bird Crazy Halloween Birdhouse

Hi!  This is Christine from http://www.iamcocoasmom.blogspot.com/ with yet more of those Tim Holtz Crazy Birds!

Why is this pretty princess so apprehensive?   Well...

It started out as a project using the 'fill' patterns in Design Space.  Ever since I sadly disposed of my Imagine, I have waited, not very patiently, for this feature to be added to Design Space and finally, here it is!  The patterns are available after you flatten your image in the Layer Attribute panel and then the edit button brings up a slider bar that allows you to scale the pattern:-

 Be aware, however, that the size restrictions on the image you can print and cut also limit a pattern filled cut.  (Go here for more details.)

So, having decided to make a birdhouse (a free pattern from Bird's Cards new svg shop here.) using one of my favorite bark patterns from the Snapshot Nature Imagine cart, it occurred to me that I could use up some of the (many) crazy birds that I have watercolored by adding them to the birdhouse.  Naturally, I could not stop there, and the whole Crazy Birds Halloween Birdhouse was born!  Here it is:-

And, of course, the reason that the pretty princess is so apprehensive about Trick or Treating at the birdhouse is that those crazy birds went way over the top with their decorating!  Can you tell I had fun, fun, fun, fun, fun with this project?

I used images from A Child's Year, Monster Bash, Classroom - October and November, and Creepy Critters carts.  Here's one last view with the tealight glowing:-

Thanks so much for allowing me to share today, Sheila  : )  Christine


Charlotte C said...

This is just too cute. Those crazy birds have become the hit of the year, and you did them justice. Great job.

Boopster said...

Adorable! A great card for Halloween. You did a marvelous job putting it all together!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This is as cute as can be. Love how you used the patterns to work for you. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa said...

WOW WOW WOW, that is amazing, love it. Those crazy birds are cute. LOL