October 13, 2015

My New Toy

Good morning - Adrienne from Eagle Canyon Arts.  It's always a pleasure to be a part of Sheila's talented Sassy Lady design team.  Thank you, Sheila. 

It's all thanks to Cocoa's Mom and Sassy Lady.  Well, maybe thanks isn't exactly the right word.  Last week Sheila posted a card she made using the "We R Memory Keepers" Fuse tool.  THEN, Christine (Cocoa's Mom) piped up and offered the information that a TV station (which shall remain nameless) offered a WHOLE bundle of goodies with the tool.  I was a goner.  Did I ever really stand a chance?
Clearly the packaging was overkill.  My shiny new toy must be VERY valuable to warrant all that bubble wrap and extra space.
Since I'm a bit obsessed with demonstrating stuff - here is the actual size of the container compared to the outside package.  I was underwhelmed *sigh*. 

Ah, then I looked inside!!  My eyes began to dance - 
Look at all those cards and sparkles and, and, STUFF!
Also included are straight edges, rulers, and other tools to help crafting.
You use this tool to make your own photo protector waterfall pages for your project.  You can also make greeting cards with sealed windows that hold "goodies".

The basic kit comes with a photo sleeve fuse tool, fusing tip, cutting tip, ruler stencil, and tool stand.  This expanded "but wait, there's more" version includes cards, envelopes, sparkles, a 12"x12" cutting mat (that's what I REALLY wanted), 12" square photo sleeves, and instructions.

At this writing, I'm getting ready for another road trip, this time with my sister to Chicago.  So I apologize for this more "techy" post.  I hope to have a project done with this new toy next month.

Enjoying Autumn and looking toward the holidays!

Phillippians 4:4-7


Charlotte C said...

I have had this new toy kit since August; used it twice in my scrapbook and I'm still wondering about it. The window cards are made of some type of fusible "plastic," not card stock as we know it. I have to explore it more when I have more time, and I'd love to see what you do with it. Have fun.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I enjoyed seeing your goodies, My box arrived last night and I am dying, I haven't opened yet as I want to get my house work done first.... I will share mine when I open too. In the mean time, enjoy your trip to your sisters and have lots of fun crafting!

Krafthead said...

I bought the Fuse in the spring and it is still in the package! I really need to play with it.....thanks for sharing your new toy with us~