November 24, 2015

Carrousel Part 2

Hi, Sandy Evans here and we are going to work on part 2 of this beautiful Carrousel that we started yesterday. I hope you are having fun and following along. This project does take a lot of time but is well worth it.

There are many many steps in making this carrousel but you have plenty of videos to take you through step by step. Now please join me.

This video is a part of the top and will take you a couple of minutes to get together.

As you see it is coming together. We have to have this just right to support the center.

Don't worry we will start decorating in the nest video.

Time to decorate and you are only limited by your imagination here.

Well this is the last video today. I sure hope you are enjoying this post on day 2 and come back tomorrow so we can finish!

Well I hope you enjoyed today's post. Be sure to come back tomorrow so we can finish this up. Have a blessed day.