November 30, 2015

Christmas Gift Tags

Merry Christmas!!! I am getting ready for Christmas and am so excited that I finished my shopping on Saturday, just a day past black Friday. I did a lot of on line shopping and it was great as they ship either to my home or a store nearby. For the past few years I have been making the tags that go on the children's gifts. We collect them afterward to try to reuse but usually their moms keep them.Oh well let's go to the video and you can see how easy these go together. I made 12.

See how easy that was, no remember there is still time to get yours together too. I will have at least 1 more post on tags as I have 7 grandchildren. I need to count the gifts up I think I have to make 2 more dozen!

I hope you liked today's post, it was quick and easy and you better get yours done too. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words, your comment continue to inspire me to share with you. Have a blessed day.

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