November 25, 2015

Let's Finish Up, Day 3 Of Carrousel

It has been so much fun spending time with you. Today we will finish up the Carrousel and I will give you a peek at another item it the last video. I hope you have enjoyed this and will join us today.

Misc. photos of the Carrousel being put together.


Time to dress it up.

Working on the base to support the structure.

Continuing on the Base.

Getting ready for the horses.

It takes a lot of support.

Check out this other project I made from paper.

This is the Carrousel as it is coming together.

This is how you put the big top on.

Almost there...


The final photo, doesn't it look great. Can you imagine this as the center piece in a child's party? How fun is that!

Thank you for joing me in this three part series. It was so much fun being able to share with you. And, remember it doesn't take that long to do when you are not demonstrating.
Thank you for your sweet-sweet comments as Sheila would say. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TOO!