February 8, 2016

Designing And Then Repairing A Card That You Goof Up - Not The Machine

Good morning! This card is one that we have all come across you spend the time designing it on the computer, finding just the right artwork and words that you want for the perfect sentiment.

You adjust the colors and get all your sizes lined up.  You double check to make sure you like what you see. Design space makes it so easy. Note; when I am using the canvas I always put the inside of the card on the left side  to make it easier to visualize. All is well so I am ready to cut.

The video will show you that my paper is beautiful, the design is perfect, but I had a problem seeding the cut and ripped it in a couple of places. This is a card that I used for our card party and had to have 12 cards! Well I ripped a couple of spots and took all the bad pieces and used that for my display card! You get to see the results and what I did to turn it into a very beautiful card.

Look at all that glitter! One of my fins had a little tear so I used stickles to cover the spot. My phrase 'You Go Girl' was in about 4 pieces, but I kept going and glued it to the base of the lettering. Fortunately I had plenty of liquid glass to glue it together. I then put the liquid glass over the whole word girl and that mad it shine and look like 1 whole piece.

Here is the completed card. Note the 'o' was repaired by using sandpaper (I use a nail block like they have at local nail salons). All the little mistakes are gone and the ladies love the way it looked.

Here is a close up of the word girl, Only 1 spot looks rough and this was in 4 pieces! I love having a full stocked scrap room.

This is the inside of the card. As you can see there was no problem here.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for your sweet-sweet words, I am always encouraged by your comments. Have a blessed day!


Krafthead said...

This is fun! Love it and great save~

Sandy Evans said...

I love it Sheila

Busy Bee Vinyl Creations said...

Sexy hot card! That would put a huge smile on my face if I got that card.
You are awesome! Keep up the good wok! I love your videos!
Kathy Unger:)

Lisa said...

Gorgeous card Sheila, those lips :)

Charlotte C said...

Oh, my cuteness. Love the fish, the glitter, the whole thing.