February 22, 2016

War Room Prayer Board

This is my little Sydney and she and her mother Jennifer share their board.

Good Morning, I am so excited to share this with you. I am leading a Bible study on The War Room, a study of the power of effectual, fervent prayer. In it we learn to set aside a private place to reach out to God daily, like a closet. Well in discussion we found that most of us don't have this room in their home that other people weren't occupying. Well my sister-in-law shared that making a prayer board enabled her to have the privacy that she needed as she could carry it to any room of the house. I laughed as she said it was usually carried to the opposite side that her husband was in! I thought this was a GREAT idea and told hubby I was going to the store to buy a presentation board. He went to the garage and brought an old one of mine in and I pulled off all the old papers and letters and recovered because it looked all tacky and yucky. I made my letters and my board was created.
This is Susan's board, she gave us the idea and we ran with it!

As you can see Susan headed her board with Answered Prayer on the left, Prayer Board in the center, and Salvation on the right. Once a prayer is added it gets prayed for daily until the prayer is answered and then it gets moved to answered prayer where it becomes a Praise!

This is my board and I love it. I put some clear packing tape about 12" up so I could tape my class prayer requests on it. I love how much easier it is to pray as you are spending your time talking to God and not trying to remember who asked you to pray for them. I would recommend this to anyone.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope this helped you and you can use this great idea. Thank you for you encouraging words, your comments continue to inspire me. Have a blessed week.


lindagk23 said...

Sheila what an awesome idea! I am going to work on this. Thank you so much for sharing this idea.

Peggy T. said...

Wonderful idea, Sheila.

Boopster said...

This is a great idea, especially if one wants to close it up and keep it private or move it somewhere else. Thanks for another inspiration!

Charlotte C said...

Now this is something I never heard of before, but what a wonderful idea. So glad you shared this with us, Sheila.