February 22, 2010

Birds At Birmingham Zoo

This is my version of this weeks Stuck On U Sketch from Liz Qualman. It is a photo of me and my daughter-in-laws mother Utta while she was visiting here from Germany. We had a great time at the zoo with the children. When I looked at this photo of myself it was a wonderful reminder of why I need to stay on my diet!
I just love Liz's sketchs and everytime she does one for the SOUS ladies, I have to jump in and create! I hope you too enjoy Liz and every lady over at SOUS as much as I do! You just have to love my paper.... once again from DCWV, the Animal Crackers stack! Perfect for this page...
Below you will see how I laid it out on My Gypsy Woman after I made a few adjusments... as the birds on the base paper meant that I had to pull in my design. Originally I was going to have a bird cage on the left but this paper was too perfect to pass up. As it is, I altered even more when I started putting together the page.
After cutting I started by making my flowers first.
Starting with just glue dots in the center I quickly moved on to the Zip Dry as it was so easy with adding the buttons.
I then spritzed them with water to soften enough to curl the edges up a little more...
Then it was time to start working on the little bird...
I got out the chalk and added a lot more color... I colored his little legs and beak with orange and made his body a little darker so I could place a journal box under him with leftover scraps. I color his wing but didn't like how the yellow looked so I added feathers to the wing and tail. Now doesn't he look handsome?
I then had to work on placement of all my pieces in the midst of chaos... meet Steve, he was busy cleaning our carpets....

As you can see my house was really tore up so I spent my time in the kitchen working on the counter with my coffee table right behind me! I was just busy making a bigger mess!
I know I have the perfect letters for the title of this page and I picked these up for only $1 at Archivers a couple of years ago.
I got the right placement, used my handy tape, added glue and we are good to go!

Well I hope you like my little version of Liz's sketch... sorry about all the extra house photos but it has been an interesting morning. I have had my carpets cleaned, my annual termite inspection and even the had the furniture inspected by Lazyboy as I am not to happy with my loveseat.... so hopefully that will be fixed soon. I even ran the dishwasher, made the beds and of course I had to pull all the dining room chairs out be before Steven at Southern Carpet Cleaning arrived! (anyone in this area - he is the best just call me & I'll give you his number). I can't wait for things to dry so I can move about the house.... to see what else I can get into!
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