February 15, 2010

Quick Simple Zoo Layout

Don't you just love the total simplicity? This layout is all about the paper.... and guess what I didn't even layer this paper. This awesome paper is from DCWV's Animal Crackers stack, you have to love it if you have a child or a grandchild! And it is loaded with sparkly glitter!
And for the letters....
Don't they go great together? All I did is grab 2 tiny pieces of scrap paper for the lion's main, tail, and face and I was good to go. SO QUICK! I needed that after the last couple of complicated layouts!
After cutting it was just a matter of putting things together:
I embossed the lions mane with little circles...
See how cool it looks? I used this as I was afraid the swirls were just a little too far apart.
I used my handy tape as my letters were flimsy and hard to keep straigt even though My Gypsy woman did a great job of welding them together. I placed glue on the back fliped over and positioned perfectly on my paper. I glued on the mane, face, nose and tail to the lion and it looked great. But you know me.... STICKLES just really brought out the mane, don't you think?
Here are the parts to my layout:
And all together...
I hope you enjoyed my quick layout.... only 15 minutes on My Gypsy Woman and an hour to choose paper, cut and layout. It doesn't get easier than that does it?
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