April 23, 2011

Making Envelopes With Your Martha Stewart Score Board

Now wouldn't you just love to get a card in this beautiful envelope? I started making these wonderful 5x7" cards and didn't have any envelopes to put it in. So I figured since I had one of the Marth Stewart Score Boards and never knew how to use that I better learn. I went looking saw it on someones YouTube video and thought if I don't know how to make many of you probably don't either so I did a couple minute video just to walk you through a real simple envelope.

Now I want you to know I did this for the first time on the video at the Dallas Stampede and it worked the very first time. EASY! So I made 2 of them one for each of my Monkey Slider Cards.
I hope this helped you and you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for your sweet - sweet words of encouragement. You coments continue to inspire me to share with you.

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