July 30, 2012

Created from Color - Copic Classes for you at home!

Hi ya everyone!   This is Melissa from Melissa Made and Created from Color and we have open registration for both our Basic and Advanced Class.  The basic class offers all of the basic information to get you started with your Copic markers.  We won't just get you started but take you to a new level in your coloring.  Our techniques are those taught in Copic Certification courses.  Though, you will not receive a certificate from Copic, you will understand how your markers work from the comfort of your own home.  The Advanced class goes into more elaborate information surrounding your Copics for those that have been using Copics and understand their basics. I wanted to share the clear difference in a beginner that took our class.  Brenda at Infinite Possibilities was a fabulous student, completing homework and practicing.  This shows in her work at the beginning and at the end!
As you can see her coloring was pretty in the beginning.  However, in the end she added much more contrast, new how to blend her markers and add details to make the image come alive! Kristy of Some Odd Girl and I are the instructors.  We offer one one one assistance, a fabulous forum, and communication through Facebook and email.  Also for both classes, we have downloadable content and the ability to print all the written information for your use once the class is over! Please head over to the registration page for Basic OR Advanced and check out all the wonderful details!  We'd love to have you in our class.

Sheila allowed me to share this with you today as she herself took the Basic class!  Thanks Sheila for allowing me to share today!!!  I hope to see some of you in class. If you aren't ready for the class then come by our Facebook page and see what we are all about!  We have tutorials most Mondays and Fridays on our website.


papillon digital design said...

Yes I would definitely recommend this class as one of their students of both advanced and basic. I have come so far now! thanks to melissa and kristy