June 3, 2013

Cell Phone Deisgn

Hello!!  Happy June!!  Happy Summer!!  Time for new clothes and new cell phone designs!!

Lori here from ScrappinMyStressAway with a fun project for you today!!

I made this cell phone vinyl design for a friend of mine.  Kylie is one of my helpers in my daycare and her boyfriend of 2 years is currently deployed.  She saw a similar cell phone monogram design on Pinterest and asked me if I thought I could make one for her and Andrew - Challenge accepted!!!

I have a file saved in my Gypsy that is the exact size of my Samsung LG phone.  Kylie has the same phone so I just opened my file and got designing!

I have a rectangle that I sized to 2.5 w x 4.5 h.  I unlocked the chain and used Real Size to get this configuration.

I opened another layer and left the eye open on the first so I could see it though the mat.

I used the font from Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art.  I made the & 1.42 inches and the A and K each .70 inches.  I came to these measurements by welding first and then sizing the design to fit the space.

I cut the monogram out in purple vinyl.

I set my cricut to speed 3, pressure 3 and blade depth 3 and cut.

So pretty!!!

Speaking of pretty....here is Kylie and Andrew!!

Thank you for having me over today Sheila!!!  I hope everyone has a great start to the summer!!
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