July 6, 2013

3D Artiste Cartridge Greeting Card

Adrienne here, from Eagle Canyon Arts.  This is my first post for She's a Sassy Lady, and I am very pleased to be part of Sheila's great team of creative artists.  Sheila's Gypsy tutorials were instrumental in helping me learn to get the most out of my Gypsy machine.  Thanks, Shelia for the opportunity to contribute as a member of your team of wonderful crafters!

This project uses several Close To My Heart products including the exclusive CTMH Cricut Artiste cartridge.  The inspiration for this card comes from a video I found online.  The video takes you step-by-step through assembly of the card.

CTMH Supplies needed:

 1.  Cricut Artiste Cartridge (Z1790)
 2.  "Baroque Borders" Acrylix stamp (August 2012 S1208) note - since this was a stamp of the month, substitute another border stamp, such as "The Best Things" (C1503) if needed.
 3.  "Casual Expression - Occasions" Acrylix stamp (D1525)
 4.  "Scrapbook Statements Poets" Acrylix stamp (C1539)
 5.  "Family Love" Acrylix stamp (D1506)
 6.  Exclusive Inks - Desert Sand (Z2118)
 7.  Exclusive Inks -Twilight (Z2160)
 8.  4"x5" Acrylix stamp block (Y1012)
 9.  3"x3" Acrylix stamp block (Y1006)
10.  Sponge Daubers (Z726)
11.  Liquid Glass (Z679)
12.  Card stock - Desert Sand (1273)
13.  B&T Duos Paper - I used Florentine (X7153B) no longer available, sorry

Non-CTMH Supplies:

 14.  Base card - 4 1/4"x 5 1/2" or similar (in this case I did not use a CTMH product)
 15.  Adhesives of choice (ATG gun for card paper, glue dots for 3D decorations)
 16.  Cricut Gypsy machine (optional)
 17.  Cricut machine
 18.  Craft scoring board

To make the card:

 1.  Using your Gypsy (or inputting directly into your Cricut machine if you prefer), find the designs on the CTMH Cricut Artiste cartridge needed for this project:
      a.  Emblem - p. 63, "Card" setting - (row 4, column 3) height 2"
      b.  Double fan - p. 50, "3D" <s> setting - (row 2, column 10) height 1 1/2" (note - make TWO of these, as indicated in the cartridge workbook, in order to make a circular "fan")

Gypsy with pattern for 2 cards
Layout on mat, ready to cut. Note grid used to check paper is aligned properly.
2.  Cut card stock to allow for a 1/8" or 1/4" border on the front of the card, your choice - measure your card to determine the correct size for the card stock to be cut.
 3.a.  Ink up border stamp with desert sand ink and apply to cut desert sand card stock.
    b.  Distress edges of card stock with desert sand ink using sponge dauber.
    c.  Affix card stock to front of card and distress edges of card front with  desert sand ink using sponge dauber.
When using a big stamp, I bring the ink TO the stamp, decreasing the potential for ink overlap on the acrylic block
Distress edges with desert sand ink
Distress card edges with desert sand ink
Whenever possible, I make TWO cards
4.  Ink up "Celebrate Today" stamp with desert sand ink, then QUICKLY roll edges ("Rock and Roll" method) with Twilight ink and apply to emblem cut out.  Doing this quickly prevents the first ink from "beading up" and looking "dotty" on the stamp.
Stamp on right shows ink "beading" - I was too slow!
5.a.  Fold 3D shape on fan folds.  Using a scoring mat and bone folder to LIGHTLY score the folds will help keep the folds straight and precise.  A little extra time to take this step will save having to re-cut the fan if folds do not turn out nicely when "free-folded".
Using a bone folder saves my fingers!
See - two little accordions!
   b.  Secure the ends of the two fans together using Liquid Glass (Z679).  It dries very quickly, so be careful to place the sections exactly where you want them and hold for about 10 seconds.
6.  When the fan has dried, place 3 or 4 glue dots on the face of the card and press the opened fan on to the front and center firmly, while at the same time being careful not to press down the folds of the fan.
 7.  Adhere more glue dots to the back of the emblem and place it firmly on the front of the fan.

8.  Two finished cards - front and inside.  One will be for a birthday, one for an anniversary.
The emblem on the right is centered - the photo just looks off center
Birthday sentiment from "Scrapbook Statements Poets"
Anniversary sentiment from "Family Love"
Thanks for joining me for this project.  If you have any questions, please send me a note.  Have a wonderful summer!
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