July 21, 2013

Learn How To Place Your Cricut Cartridges On You Ipad, Kindle or Tablet

Good Morning! I am sharing this post with you today as I get at least 2 emails a week asking how to put your cartridges on your Ipad, Kindle or notebook. It will work the same for all of them so I thought I would give you a quick lesson. the above is for the Ipad. I downloaded an app called Ibook and it is a free app that is wonderful.... As you can see it has my cartridges in it.

This is the method of seeing the books that I prefer as it is a little easier for my eyes to see. I love how everything is alphabetized as it makes it so much faster to find the individual book that I am seeking.

Now wasn't this just too easy? I want to tell you I added 175 in  just one long rainy afternoon on the beach while we were all just sitting around and talking! I say long because we had 5 children that afternoon in a 2 bedroom condo.... this kept me busy! LOL

See how easy it is to see the artwork. I love how you can choose exactly what you want just like in your books without having to go through a big stack of boxes.

But I have to tell you my favorite feature is being able to enlarge it so I can see the images better to see every little detail and that means alot if you are creating on your Gypsy of CCR.
I hope you enjoyed today's little post and it helped you to place your books on your Ipad or notebook too as it really helps you to plan what you want to create.
Thanks for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments inspire me to continue sharing with you.
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