July 15, 2013


Hi, everyone, this is Charlotte C.  Thank you, Sheila, for once again allowing me to share something I found to be so cute with your followers.  I really enjoy making/giving cards that have some movement to them, so when I saw these Wobblers by Kanban somewhere on the internet a few months ago I knew I had to have them.  Whoever was demonstrating them also showed how she created the same type cards using Create A Critter.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where I was on the internet, can’t find it again, but I thank this woman for the inspiration.

Here’s what the packaging looks like for 3 of the Wobblers, bought online from Joann.com (on sale). 
Each animal is made of heavy card stock, beautifully colored and foiled.  Some have sayings.  So cute.  There’s a base card  and some pieces to hold the card from sliding apart and to make the head “pop and move” when the card wobbles (or rocks, because to me it’s a rocking card).  See Note A below for links to full size templates. 

The following two cards I made straight from the kits.  

On the Tiger, I used the piece inside to hold the card from sliding apart, then realized there was nowhere to write except for small sections on the back.  I made do with that one, but when I made the Pig card I didn’t attach that inner piece (it stands fine), and I used an Action Wobble to attach the head.   I can’t tell you how many tries it took to get a picture for you to see the pig’s head wobble.  That’s what happens when you borrow a good camera (my daughter’s) that compensates for shaky situations!   

Now, here’s what I’ve recreated

Each animal is cut at 4.5”.  The frog and penguin are from Create A Critter and the teddy bear is from CAC-2.  I first created blackouts with my Gypsy and cut two – one for the front and one for the back – and adhered them to the card base.  Then I cut the actual animal and its layers, cut off the heads, glued the bottom of the animal to the card base and then attached the head with an Action Wobble.  Happy Birthday on the bear is a sticker, on the frog is a stamp, and for the penguin, I cut it from CAC-2, squished in on Versamark and sparkle embossed it. 

I gave up trying to get a picture of their heads wobbling, but trust me, once they rock, their heads wobble.


Note A:  Here’s a link to the template for the base:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/75653848@N06/9259773193/  
And here’s a link to the other pieces:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/75653848@N06/9259775397/

Note B:  It was necessary to put a blackout image on the back of each card I made to keep the card from falling open when we tried to stand it on a slick surface like the countertop.   See how the penguin looks from the side/back. 

Oh, did I mention that the kits come with envelopes?  They’re huge:  8 x 8.  My versions fit in a 5 x 7 envelope.
 I have a 6-year-old grandson who is very anxious to give these cards to his friends for their birthdays.  Guess I’ll be making more.  And I'm excited about trying different animals or "people" too (think Dracula or Santa). 
 Thank you for stopping by today.  Please, if you have any questions, just leave me a comment or email me.  I know this is a long post.  Hope you enjoyed the little critters.

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